Speed's The Game

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Speed's The Game
LocationRedmond Barrens, Seattle
Result Johnson and car were successfully brought to safe house and enemy runner team was repelled.
Factions Involved
Nullnode Team, Crimson Crush, Saeder-Krupp Ares Global Media, Sonic, Y3, The Hurricane, Firebug
Commanders and leaders
Saeder-Krupp, Nullnode Ares Global Media, Kyle Bradmine, Shadowhaven
Casualties and losses
One nullnode mage None


Kyle Bradmine is a high ranking exec in Ares who in his youth would test out his ideas on engineering in the Redmond Barrens Street racing scene. He befriended an orc, Sonic, and a dwarf, [Redacted], during that time named Sonic. They built a car together, made a small name for themselves in the street racing community and then Kyle moved on to his destiny in the corp, and Sonic remained a racer in the Barrens. Fast forward a decade or so and one of his rivals at SK found out about this old friend and wanted Sonic and the car they made together captured to get some dirt on Kyle at an upcoming New Year's Eve party they would both be attending. Sonic also lost a game of poker and the Crimson Crush wanted their money so they had him holed up in his garage in the Redmond Barrens.


The meet took place at the Old Familiar, a bar run by the Finnigan Family, in Downtown. All the runners arrive on time, and they all meet by the Mr. Johnson, a, orc named Sonic, on the secure host of the Old Familiar. He asks them to rescue him from the gangers whom he owes a good deal of money to that have surrounded his garage and getting him to a friend's, Kyle, safe house who is fronting the bill. He mentions that another runner team has already backed out and that he really needs their help. He offers them 10K nuyen each and the runners agree to get him out.


The Runners first challenge was getting over to the Barrens as they did not have a large vehicle between. Firebug managed to shapechange into a very strong eagle and carry their wheelchair bound decker Y3, wheelchair and all, through the sky to the Redmond Barrens. During the flight, Y3 discovered more information about their Johnson and the gangers that were surrounding the area, the Crimson Crush, a small time Orc gang in the Redmond Barrens who mostly protect the orc population from the other gangs and some of the other hostile forces in the Barrens. They find a picture containing a younger Sonic with two other people, a human and a dwarf, whose names have both been redacted.

The Runners arrive at the garage and find that it is swarming with gangers. Sonic, upon their arrival, mentions that they have his keys and he can't drive out. Y3 starts to hack into one of their bikes as a distraction and Hurricane starts insulting a small group of gangers to provide cover for Firebug to infiltrate inside of the garage, bring Sonic to his car and through some extraordinary luck, Sonic managed to hotwire his car and proceeded to drive it out full speed in order to not be blown up as Firebug left a grenade inside the garage to cause chaos. Between the car, the explosion, the bike, and boxer punching out gangers, the gangers were very surprised and uncertain what to do as the Runners sped off after Sonic in his racing car. Y3 also sends off one of the gangers motorcycles off to NYC.

As the Runners were following behind Sonic, Y3 notices someone trying to interfere with the car's icon, putting several marks onto it. Y3 has some brief combat with them before the persona jackouts and the Runners watch as the car is swiftly brought into an alley with an enemy runner team waiting for them. After a brief moment of violence, the Runners realize that this is another runner team from Nullnode, who also have a run related to Sonic. They offer the Runners 14k nuyen to let them have him for six hours. The runners refuse and a fight breaks out. The enemy street samurai is particularly hard to pin down and after quickly dealing with the enemy decker while the enemy mage is knocked out in one punch, the samurai scoops up the decker and skims off, leaving Sonic to the Runners. The enemy mage is incinerated at the very end of the fight. Hurricane briefly tries to chase down the street sam before grumbling and giving up.

The Runners bring Sonic to a much more heavily fortified location than they were expecting, which looks like it became secure overnight with several guards carrying Ares Alphas and FBA. They pull into the safe house and out steps an Ares exec who Sonic lovingly refers to as Kyle. The Runners, being a bit intimidated, ensure that he is not trying to hurt Sonic in anyway, but he seems genuinely happy to see the street racing orc. They are paid and leave for the night.


Mr. Bradmine and the SK exec meet each other at their New Year's Eve party. Mr. Bradmine mentions how he has had a lovely time catching up with an old friend, and how it is important to seize life before it goes up in smoke. The SK exec's evening is briefly soured before they return to their party.


Player Characters


10k Nuyen 4 Karma 2 Ares Rep -1 SK Rep -10 Nullnode Rep


0 Nuyen 12 Karma 2 Ares Rep -1 SK Rep -10 Nullnode Rep

The Hurricane

10k Nuyen 4 Karma 2 Ares Rep -1 SK Rep -10 Nullnode Rep