Standing Still

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Standing Still
Part of Suffer the Children
Factions Involved
John Brown


The team is tasked with rescuing Jade, a young woman in need of extraction from a corporate retreat.


Jade's parents refuse to acknowledge her as a woman, and have put her into a corporate retreat meant for reeducating her mind into that of a man. Dr. Felipe Chandler has come to the Haven with a job to extract her.

The Meet

The team meets with Felipe Chandler in a coffee shop around sun set, and he gives them the details on Jade's predicament, as well as how much he is going to pay. After giving the commcode Jade used to contact Felipe to Spider, she detects, finds, and tracks the commlink to a facility in Snohomish.

The Plan

With the location secured, the team drives to the facility. Spider, once there hacks the host, and retrieves all the information, forming the idea to have a guard bring Jade outside by masquerading as his boss.

The Run

Pell and K9, after hearing the plan, climb up into the trees getting a vantage point on the front entrance. Spider gets marks on the host, the spiders, and the commlinks of both the guard in Jade's room and his direct superior. John Brown, composes a message to be sent to Jade's bodyguard, telling him that Jade's parents are here to take 'him' to a movie, for some family bonding. As the team waits, Pell and K9 use special senses, Pell using Assensing, and K9 using Technosense, to survey the area. Pell detects a spirit larger than she can assense, and K9 technosenses the trees, learning that none of them are emerged. John Brown summons a force 9 spirit to combat the spirit bound to the facility

As the guard walks out with Jade in tow, Spider dataspikes the two spiders in the host, knocking them unconcious and bricking their decks. John Brown commands the guard with magic to take his armor off, pull his pants down, and run around like a chicken. Pell waits until the guard takes his armor off to shoot him with a SnS round. No one hears the gunshot and the team extracts with Jade.


Jade is taken to Felipe Chandler's house, where she can wait to undergo transitional surgery. Due to some quick matrix searching by Spider, Jade's parents are forced to accept her as a woman, and not attempt to force her back to the facility. Jade's decision to go back to her parents is as of yet, unknown.


Spider: 15 Karma OR 13 Karma + Felipe Chandler at 1/2

John Brown and K9: 10k nuyen+10 karma OR 10k nuyen, 8 karma and Felipe Chandler at 1/2

Pell: 10k nuyen+10 karma


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


While I was not able to do much myself, it was good to help the girl. She is not much younger than my own child, and it pains me to see a parent who wouldn't protect their child.


Well, met Doc Chandler again, and helped another kid. Hope that guard wasn't too hurt. Spider's good.


I'm really glad that we got Jade out safely. I know what it's like to live with... abusive parents. I'm hoping she'll be in a better place now.