Starting from scratch

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Starting from scratch
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Jim Francis
Casualties and losses
- Only the target


Catseye, The Haven´s resident battle idol, was looking for a new record label when Roadie, a friend and fellow runner, put him in contact with Jim, an old guard punk rock drummer and a veteran of the music industry who owened a record label and could help Catseye out.


Jim needs his sellout co-owner, a sly and ruthless dwarf woman called Eri Matoia, out of the picture to keep the "his baby" out of the grubby hands of Horizon, he confides that Eri went behind his back and managed to get the majority vote on selling "Fireside Records" to one of Horizon´s subsidiaries, in exchange for the wetwork, Jim would give Catseye all the facilities he needed to persue whatever creative endeavors he wished, no strings attached. Catseye accepts and starts shadowing the greedy dwarf.

The Meet

The meet was pretty informal, after a brief phone call both Jim and Cat meet at a small punk themed rock bar in the edges of touristville, after chatting about music in general they went to a back room where the proper meeting took place and details were given. The only major directive given was to make it look like an accident not a murder.

The Plan

Eri was difficult target, paranoid and workaholic, her schedule was extremelly tight and she was always surrounded by bodyguards, which "lived" in an extention of her house. After a two days of observation Cat found a weakspot in the target´s defences, an escort / love interest which went by the name of Marcus Grey, the plan involved using Marcu´s identity to sneak into the house and gain access to the target while she was preparing for their date.

The Run

By booking one of Marcus´ work slots Catseye lured him into a hotel and knocked him unconcious with a slap patch, after "stealing his look" (quite literally in this case), Cat managed to fool the guards on post, enter Eri´s house and ambush her in the bedroom suite, Eri then "slipped" on her way out of the shower, hitting her head in a tragic "accident".


After waiting for a day, Cat called Jim as soon as the news of Eri´s death were reported, they met again at the same bar where after a moment of silence, both cracked a few cold ones, talked about music more and officialized their new partnership!


8 Karma 2 CDP Jim "Machine gun" Francis as a 4/3 contact

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Never thought killing someone would be my start into growing my idol career but here we are.