Statement of Intent

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Statement of Intent
Part of You Can't Fight Us All - The Rise of ShadowHaven
LocationSwish Club in Downtown, Seattle
Result A&G Consulting bankrupted and sold to ShadowHaven to form the shell corp Blue Suited Joker Consulting. Rating 3 host acquired.
Factions Involved
A&G Consulting
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None


With ShadowHaven losing their host when the previous SysOp's deadman's switch deleted it, SysOp TANJ organized a mission to acquire a new host by bankrupting a corporation that owed ShadowHaven money - A&G Consulting. The consulting company ran recruitment ads for Seattle Metroplex Guard and the Seattle visitor center.


The meet was a relatively uneventful discussion with SysOp TANJ in a Stuffer Shack.


Z-Trip first hacked the A&G Consulting host, gathering details on their clients and confidential files. After discussion, Z-Trip returned to the host to edit the list of employees attending a launch party for rapper RF's headphones. With this, Suitor and Joker enter as bartenders with Z-Trip resonance veiling the SIN scanner. Once inside, the rapper came up to the bar and asked for a drink. Joker refused because he was impolite, so a dwarven member of RF's posse jumped over the bar. This started an armed conflict with Joker entering a firefight with the posse, but he was able to palm some betameth onto rapper RF's person. Z-Trip did gremlins on the lighting system to cause a distraction and caused a fire. Seeing the potential mass amount of death due to the club being over crowded, Suitor lead to an evacuation, calming the panicking crowd and putting out fires. KE eventually responded to the disruption and interview Suitor, who stayed behind. Suitor pointed out that the Rapper may have drugs on him. KE searched him and found them.

The team then released the rest of the confidential files.


The reckless endangerment lawsuits and lawsuits from lost information bankrupted A&G Consulting. ShadowHaven was able to buy to the corporation and its rating 3 host, renaming to Blue Suited Joker Consulting, Inc.


Player Characters


8 Karma and 10000 Nuyen. +2 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven.


8 Karma and 10000 Nuyen. +2 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven. +2 Rep with Seattle Downtown.


8 Karma and 10000 Nuyen. +2 Faction Rep with ShadowHaven.