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Title: Still Not Safe
Author: Purkinje the Many-Branching
Date: 03 Oct 2080
Body: Telegint llá-thelemsa, readers. I don't suppose you know of the Arcology Communal Housing Enclave, formerly known as the Self-Contained Residential Industrial Residential Environment? You might know it better as the Renraku Arcology, where terrible, terrible things happened. Let me tell you, dear readers, that terrible, terrible things are still happening there. Okay so you aren't surprised. This is more than the rampant gang violence typical of the barrens - there's something there that was left in the shadow of the Crash. Something deep, dark and pure evil. I only caught a glimpse of it. Do not go looking there, or you'll find yourself having a seizure in seconds. Of course, that's if you manage to spot it at all. Consider this a fair warning: a great and unblinking eye watches you while you walk in the shadow of the SCIRE - if you see it, do not poke it. It'll be the last thing you do. Perhaps some more news will come out about what happened there yesterday. Not sure a gang fight is news exactly, but whatever you see is far more sinister than it appears.