Stolen Time

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Stolen Time
LocationTacoma Storagehouse
Factions Involved
David Squire
Hot Mess
the great khan
Evans Doyle
The Bandicoots
Casualties and losses
None 5 killed


The Team went to the auction house, asked "Mr. Nakayama" about the missing Grandfather Clock, shot few of his gangers and took the clock by themlves.


A legit auction house ordered a grandfather clock, but the shipment was stolen before it could reach them.

The Meet

They met with in afternoon hours with the Johnsons at their auction house. They provided the team with all of the necessary information and agreed to the price.

The Plan

Get the clock by any mean necessary.

The Run

After the meet, runners talked with the delivery driver, learning from his story that he was mugged at gunpoint with missile launcher. Car sensors confirmed his story. On further inspection Khan recognized the gangers as "Bandicoots", who have a habit of stealing shipments and auctioning the loot themselves. Khan being most social of the bunch called them up. Chatting up, they revealed that next auction will be held within next three days, enough for team to prep up. Kara also called her KE contact David Squire. Agreeing with him that she did, in fact, not hear information from him confirming Khan's information and them also moving around Seattle without any clear pattern and this time it was in Bellevue. With team completing all the preparations they could it was go time. The auction was held in abandoned warehouse with construction in the background. Pulling up in Hot Mess's Armadillo, they went straight inside meeting with receptionist. She made them wait for few hours before they could talk with the boss. Going up to top floor of construction site they walked into the office, with the boss believing they are here for donations. His tone quickly changed at mention of clock trying to convince them that he doesn't know anything about the clock. On their way down elevator stopped and they were ambushed by gangers. Hot Mess opened with suppressive fire and moments later cooked them, Doyle decided against using a HE grenade in a building and removed a heart with Ex-Ex. Khan embedded a barbed arrow into one and Kara used an SnS shotgun to knock two out. Spending a slap patch to wake up one, they tied him up and made him spill where the clock is being kept. He agreed and led them to basement of sorts. Mess stayed behind to prevent the elevator from going up, Khan and Doyle tried to shoot the runner but he evaded them just to faceplant into a middle finger barrier that Kara summoned, shattering his nose and getting tied into "not dying group", being unable to carry the clock they were knocked out again and team carried it out themselves. Lifting it up with winch and safely putting it into thee pickup they drove off as KE stormed the place.


Clock was safely delivered and Johnsons were satisfied, paying the team in full.


5 Karma + Either 10k NuYen or 20k Worth of gear up to 8R +2 CDP / Kara can upgrade David Squire's loyalty to 2 in exchange for 1 RVP & No CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Sooo today I learned that Ex-Ex is fun and that clocks are heavy, but hey at-least I managed to use machinery without it breaking on me. I call that a progress.