Stop, LA Party Time

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Stop, LA Party Time
Part of The Month the Streets Ran Red
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Infected
Chiron Manager


A concerned friend hires shadowrunners to look into her friend's disappearance in Los Angeles


The Johnson, a sex worker at the Pink and Ink Club in LA is worried about her friend, another sex worker by the name of Candy, who has been on "holiday" for over a month. She exhausted all the options that she had and so turned to the professional criminal phonebook and called up some Shadowrunners. Delphi, Nogitsune, Pell and Zenith meet up at the Seattle Airport and with the help of their fixers, get an economy class flight to the City of Angels.

The Meet

The hotel where the Johnson meets up with the runners is a pretty simple low-class hotel where not a lot of questions get asked. The Johnson explains that Candy has been missing for more than a month and hasn't been answering any messages. The "club mom", a troll named Daisy, has also been avoiding any questions about her. She explains that she can't pay much, and offers the runners 6k each for the search. The runners decide not to squeeze her for more money, and leave the hotel.

The Plan

Heading to the Pink and Ink Club, the runners make their way inside, stopped by a troll bouncer who takes their weapons and puts them in a safe box in the front. They find Daisy and attempt to discuss the issue with her, but she isn't interested in talking with them. Zenith and Pell begin just hanging around the club as Delphi plays a naïve woman who is trying to get an escort for Nogitsune. The more time the party spends in the room, the more they are offered drugs and drinks, and the more they begin to feel influenced to indulge in these vices.

When Daisy finally begins talking with Delphi about Candy, Zenith takes the opportunity to sneak into the back room. Daisy just tells Delphi that Candy isn't available to be an escort and that she can't be called back from holiday. Meanwhile, Zenith looks around the back, and eventually finds a staff room where several of the workers hang out when not on shift. Zenith pretends to be a frazzled cousin of Candy who can't get in touch with her and is trying to get a hold of her. None of the workers provide any information other than that she's on holiday. Though Zenith leaves a burner commlink number for the manager to contact them.

Pell summons a spirit to go searching LA for Candy, and eventually it comes back with the location of her apartment where a corpse is on the floor. Delphi also realized that this club has some sort of magical effect that seems to be caused by some kind of Infected.

The Run

Delphi stays at the club, indulging in vices while Pell, Zenith and Nogitsune make their way to the apartment and break into the place. They find the door to Candy's apartment unlocked, but the lock hasn't been broken. They also find the corpse of the dwarf sex worker in the middle of the apartment, they check her over, take pictures of the body and the scene, and find magically tampered fruit and vodka. They also take a lock of Candy's hair for Delphi to perform psychometry with. They retire to the hotel room and Delphi experiences the last moments of Candy's life, feeling what it was like to be Essence Drained to death by a Chiron, an Infected Centaur.

Due to Oracle wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery of what the Chiron is doing to the other people in the club and how it relates to other Infected in LA, she gets a meeting with the Chiron that runs the Pink and Ink Club and enters his office with the other three on defense duty outside. Delphi is given an offer to become infected and potentially in service to this Chiron...


The party meets with the Johnson and tells her that Candy is dead and was probably murdered. Deciding against informing her of the Infected connection and the relation to the Pink and Ink Club. However Zenith does recommend that she leave her job, leave LA and burn her SIN if possible. The team gets back to the airport and returns to Seattle.


  • 6k Nuyen (3 RVP)
  • 8 Karma (8 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, this was completely fragged on so many levels. LA is more of a shithole than Seattle is, but that doesn't bother me so much. However spending several hours in a club where my mind was being fragged with has really pressed on my nerves. As does not being able to bring my gun in. At least I got to sneak around and do work rather than just staying out front, apparently that's where the effect hit the hardest.

Nogitsune, Pell and Delphi are all professionals, so there wasn't much of an issue there. Though Delphi did a magic thing and then started screaming for like an hour. I got her a drink and some lunch, but she still seemed kinda messed up. The fact there's a weird Infected Centaur messing with stuff in a sex club and feeding on its employees is kinda fragged up. I hope the J just decides that life is more important than whatever work she was doing in LA and gets the hell out of there.


Walking into a room with powerful infected seems to be a thing that Delphi is doing on the regular. What she's doing with psychometry also doesn't seem healthy in the long run. Zenith has been twitchy without his sidearm too.

Feels like I'm mother-henning too much.


Fragging LA. Another trip to this rotten half-drowned town, and another senseless murder to investigate. Don't get me wrong, I love a mystery, but experiencing that poor woman die first hand really did a number on me. Not to mention that club... frag that place messed with my head, I can't believe I walked right into that thing's office just to find out why it did what it did. That offer too... I'm ashamed to admit how tempting it was, something like that... I don't think that next time is going to be an offer either if I run into this cabal again. Might be better to at least have it happen on my terms, I don't know. Just... frag I need a drink.

Nogitsune: Shark wants all of those horse people to die. but i must remained in controlled of myself, and i hate the idea of someone trying to play tricks on my mind...i'll add their names to my list.