Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 1)

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Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 1)
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Result Some blood on the walls of a Barrnes building
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Frag Face
Knight Errant


The team successfully broke into a snitch’s house, ruined his day, kidnapped him, and killed him. Remember kids, snitches get stitches.


An Ex-NeoNET Johnson discovered there was a leak among the Ex-NeoNET SINless, and wanted a runner team to take care of it.

The Meet

The Team met the Johnson in a base for the NeoNET SINless, where they were improving things, had proper medical equipment going, and were slowly dragging themselves back up. The Johnson was a NeoNET doctor, who was removing a Halloweener knife when the team arrived. Paladin stole the knife, and Ranger later stole an entire biohazard container. In the end, we got the job without a hitch, getting 10K for it, and an extra 4K for getting some gangers to leave the NeoNET SINless alone. That part we did easily with some intimidation.

The Legwork

First of all, we used the access we were given to the NeoNET P2.1 system to try and find the most likely subject. Paladin caught on to someone making posts about a new SIN and referencing undercover police shows, who’d also made posts about their new low-income apartment in Bellevue. Frag Face and Ranger used this information to try and find out the architecture and security of the building, and overall got a good overview of it. Frag Face used his Skillsoft Network Subscription to find out the basic undercover operational procedure for KE, and the likely work hours for Ex-NeoNET.

The Plan

We decided on a fairly straightforward plan. We’d sneak in two hours before he returned from work, check out his house, kidnap him and extract.

The Run


We used our knowledge of the security system to aid our stealth. Ranger picked all the locks on the way in, and even though it was in Bellevue, it was low-income housing and the security wasn’t that good. We almost tripped an alarm when we entered the house, but Ranger disarmed it in time.


We had two hours before he arrived, and, in that time

  • Paladin carved a dick into his coffee table
  • Ranger and Dandy snooped around his house
  • Paladin and Frag Face devoured all the food he had, including things that should not be eaten the way they were
  • Ranger ate all his sweets

He then arrived, discovering what happened, and was obviously horrified. Paladin grappled him, while Frag Face tried to take back the wine Ranger had confiscated and Dandy locked the door. To everyone's shock, he managed to escape from Paladin grapple, but Frag Face managed to restrain him and Ranger threatened his video game console to get him to surrender. Paladin handcuffed him, and we had some merry fun where we Bricked his cyber eyes Terrified him so hard he pissed himself Found out about all of his embarrassing medical problems And pretended to his neighbours that he was having sex with his girlfriend and an unspecified number of prostitutes We then taped his mouth shut and Frag Face draped him over his shoulder


We carry him out of the building stealthily, get him into Dandy’s truck and drive off to the drop-off.


The Johnson was conflicted over whether or not we should kill him and gave the floor to us. We voted in favour of a swift death, and Frag Face splattered him in a single punch. The Johnson ruminated on the brutality of the sixth world and how much she missed having a SIN and basic amenities. We seemed very professional to her, and no one wanted to break her heart. Also, we notified the Johnson that there was a KE task force dedicated to dealing with the Ex-NeoNET SINless.


  • 3 Karma
  • 14,000 Nuyen
  • +3 Reputation with Ex-NeoNET