Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 3)

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Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 3)
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
LocationHealth and Human Services Building
Result The Department of Health and Human Services releases a statement that they cannot issue SINs to the former NeoNET SINners
Factions Involved
The Tupelo Mississippi Flash
Ares Macrotechnology
Units involved
Knight Errant Anti-Terrorism Unit
Casualties and losses
None A single pair of men's undergarments


Carbon and Tupelo use their respective skills to enter The Department of Health and Human Services, finding out the name of the Director in charge of projects relating to the NeoNET SINless in order to follow him to his house and extract information from him.


The ex-NeoNET SINners have been repeatedly taken advantage of with the promise of SINs as rewards for their services, Blackstar wishes to end this.

The Meet

The runners meet the Johnson, a Blackstar agent, in a typical wage slave bar in Touristville. He asks the runners if they're familiar with the NeoNET situation (they are), and tells them that he would like them to obtain irrevocable truth from the Department of Health and Human Services that UCAS and the corps are incapable of supplying them with a National SIN.

The Legwork

The team of two heads back to Tupelo's safehouse, where Carbon does some cursory matrix searches. Realizing that this can only go far, Carbon scopes out the building in person, getting some rudimentary data about their security. When she returns they decide on a plan, and look up a suitable disguise for Tupelo. Luckily, they find posts about an employee that was recently severely injured in a gang shootout.

The Plan

Tupelo poses as the employee and enters the building, where he will provide a distraction for Carbon via social means. Carbon will enter through the fire exit, sneak her way to the 6th floor, and snoop around on terminals until she finds the necessary information.

The Run

Tupelo, with some minor assistance from Carbon, prepares his disguise and arrives at the department building. He manages to masterfully work his way through security as well as convincing his "fellow" employees that he's really who he says he is, and reaches the 6th floor with little to no problems, though he does force HR to build a ramp for him so that he can get past a set of stairs.

Carbon, on the other hand, has a much more difficult time reaching the same location. Immediately upon reaching the fire exit she attempts to disarm a maglock, only to set off the anti-tamper device hidden inside. A team of two Knight Errant officers reach her position shortly after she reassembles the case and sweep the area, looking for the disturbance. Thanks to her RPC cloak she manages to avoid detection and slips in just behind them. She makes it to an employee stairwell, but is once again stumped by a lock, only just barely defeating the anti-tamper this time, but she successfully makes it to the same room as Tupelo. There she sends him a message via DNI, asking him to convince the rest of the employees to take him out to lunch as a treat for his first day back. Tupelo manages to do so with little difficulty, though he does have to offer to pay and then is forced to sit through an awkward lunch with his temporary coworkers. Carbon uses the opportunity to find a terminal with the password written nearby, and stumbles on an email chain discussing the situation with NeoNET. She takes a picture of this, but decides she needs a bit more evidence and finds the director in charge of the project.

Tupelo and Carbon wait across the street from the employee parking lot for the director to come back, where they proceed to tail him back to his apartment. Once there, they head back to Tupelo's safehouse to recuperate and wait for nightfall. At around 3 am, they head back and are stopped by a neighborhood watch, but Tupelo manages to make a convincing enough lie for them to be distracted by an Ork carrying a TV, and the duo proceed on to the house. Carbon manages to dispatch the security devices with little trouble this time, and the two prepare to interrogate the target by cuffing him and duct taping his mouth shut. Carbon wakes the director with a harsh slap and questions him about the NeoNET situation. He provides a convincing enough lie but Carbon, knowing the truth of the matter, decides to answer the lie with a fist to the face. It doesn't take long after this for the director to spill the beans, admitting that he was bribed to pretend to assist the NeoNET sinners and that there only hope was to appeal directly to the Corporate Court; Carbon records all of this and threatens to come back should he not leave the ex-NeoNET SINners alone, and the shadowrunners take their leave.


The Department of Health and Human Services releases a statement that any former NeoNET employees would need to appeal to the Corporate Court to obtain a National SIN, and the Blackstar agent heads to the NeoNET compound to pass out AK's and recruit new members.


  • 5 karma
  • 10000 nuyen
  • +3 Blackstar

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Carbon - 6k nuyen, 7 karma

The door bursts open only seconds after she'd managed to slip into the shadows, cowl pulled over her head, RPC on. The officers in front of her were armed to the nines, security armor with each holding an LMG, waving them about in the broad daylight, poking into every corner trying to find the source of the intrusion. Carbon had managed to get the cover back on the maglock in time but it hadn't been without mistakes: her pliers still sat on the stairs where she'd left them not a moment earlier. All she could do was wait, one hand gripped tight around the hilt of her sword, the angle to necessary to cleave both guards in two with a single strike already calculated. "Please," she thought, "for your own sake. Please don't notice."

  • Tupelo -