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Universal Sports Programming Network

Superbowl CIV has concluded in a lackluster fashion as the Undefeated Lions was supposed to face the Wild Card Seahawks. Infighting ensued between the Lions players at the Double tree Inn and Suites near Century Link Field just four days before the big Superbowl game. Due to the sensitive nature we can not air the footage that was caught by a nearby onlooker outside their room. It was a sad day for the Lions as half their starting lineup was suspended for Violent outbursts. This is only the 3rd time the Lions have been in the Superbowl and had extremely good odds to win their very first cup in the 104 year history of the bowl. Due to the nature of this and as an apology to the sport the Lion's owner pulled them from the game resulting in the Seahawks winning by default. This is the first time in the history of the sport that his has happened. We still look forward to seeing the Seahawks go on to represent UCAS in the World Playoffs.

-Mike Mcgohna USPN


<Video feed plays of the brawl between 8 players of the Lions>

"Now if only they'd show that kinda aggression on the field 10 years ago when they were at the Superbowl last time they'd have won it. But, it sucks for them that they have made history as the biggest disgrace of a football team." -L'ain Loramel

"I bet all the bookies are absolutely on a bender." -Rury

"Witness report says that it started as a lovers spat between the beloved couple of the Quarterback and Running back. Their marriage had them as the hardest couple to beat in the league and I'm sure that what got them an undefeated record this year. I doubt the Lions will ever get a chance like this again with that synergy gone." - Portia

Horizon News Group

After the terrible results of Superbowl CIV we have exclusive interviews with the players coming up soon!

<Preview of the Interviews>

"I swear it just wasn't like us and we didn't mean it." -Quarterback

"Well you're the one who ordered a Call boy!" - Running back

<footage clip is shown>

"What?! There was nobody else there besides the team!" -Quarterback