Tacoma Triad Tea Trouble

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Tacoma Triad Tea Trouble
Factions Involved
Yellow Lotus Triad The Octagon


The runners, hired by the Yellow Lotus Triad, violently and bloodily steal a crate of rare tea from the rival Octagon Triad.


The Yellow Lotus Triad, while the most powerful and largest in Seattle, still faces stiff competition not only from the Yakuza and Mafia but also other triads. The Octagon, one of said triads, has greater control over smuggling routes leading to the Tacoma docks. Having received a tip as to the location of a crate of rare teas in the hands of the Octagon, the Yellow Lotus is willing to pay to have it stolen, and any collateral damage is at this point a plus.

The Meet

Invited to the Fortuitous Palace, a Chinese restaurant in Tacoma, the runners had been provided with a password that let them access a private room where they eventually met with the Johnson, a street-hustler type ork who nonetheless seemed to have not insignificant pull. Quickly agreeing to a 10,000 nuyen payday for robbing the Octagon, the team is informed of the location of a warehouse fairly nearby in Tacoma, where they can find a crate of rare teas, to be stolen within the next 8 hours before it is moved off to a buyer.

The Plan

Nomad recognizes the location of the warehouse thanks to his local knowledge. Gh0st quickly does a matrix search and familiarizes himself with the building's approximate size, but can't find anything on its layout and only vague details on how many people use it. Flyboy sends a scouting drone over to map out the rough details of the building, finding a big front door and several side and back entrances. Gh0st, finding that the building suspiciously lacks a host, hacks into the cameras and gets marks on everything he can, including the maglock of a nearby side entrance.

The Run

As Flyboy's car pulled up to the warehouse and the team began to disembark, they encountered a Triad member rounding a corner outside the warehouse. After killing him quickly with a volley of bullets, the runners had Rapture shoot open the mechanical lock on the fence, then Gh0st unlocked the side door. Nomad burst into the warehouse to find five goons nearby, AK-97s out and taking cover behind the big shelves. An orgy of violence proceeded to erupt, Flyboy losing a roto-drone after it put a few holes in a goon, but with Wildman, Rapture, and Nomad charging into and near-instantly killing a guard each, the Octagon was looking pretty bad. Gh0st hid in a corner and knit.

Unfortunately for the team, reinforcements were on the way. As Rapture moved ahead, finding another two Triad members advancing, Nomad and Wildman were attacked by yet another two. As our 'heroes' reeled from this attack, things worsened as a guardian spirit flew in wielding a giant sabre, slashing Wildman and seriously wounding the man-in-the-shape-of-a-bear. With Nomad's help, Wildman's Killing Hands (Paws?) disrupted the spirit, only for another to materialize in front of the knitting Gh0st, just as Rapture and Flyboy (Jumped into a Roto-drone) dealt with the rest of the goons. While Wildman struggled with the spirit, Rapture ran back over and disrupted it with a blow from his electrically-charged nodachi. Flyboy, flying over the the shelves, noticed a fleeing mage and gave chase, Wildman following. While the mage managed to lightly singe the drone and put Wildman out of action with a manabolt, he was eventually ran down and riddled with holes. Gh0st quickly found the tea after realizing the warehouse was organized alphabetically. Loading the damaged drone and the unconscious pelt-wearing Wildman (along with his rat), the team made their exit before KE even thought about coming by.


After dropping off the unconscious but stabilized mystic adept off at Dr.Trauma's, the runners returned to the Fortuitous Palace and delivered their password again. The tea was taken, the team got paid, and they also gained the valuable opportunity to set their contacts up with some hot (in both senses) tea.


10000¥, 10 Karma, 2 CDP (High-Threat Run)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well frag me sideways and call me a go-ganger that was exciting wasn't it! Who woulda thought so much trouble would've come about over one box of tea... I think I'll be sticking to the SoyKaf for a little while after that. Anyways, the loss of one of my roto-drones almost as soon as we got in the building was...unfortunate, but then it's only a stupid dog brain so I'm not exactly surprised. Got it fixed back up now though so not the end of the 6th world just yet. Shoulda seen the look on the triad chummers face when the drone I was jumped into did a barrel roll out of the way.

Also, Wildman is fragging awesome, that bear he can do? Damn impressive stuff. Of course, so was everyone else who we were with. Love y'all guys and if you ever wanna get a drink hit me up.


I hate spirits, I hate spirits, I hate spirits, I hate spirits, have I said how much I hate the bulletproof bastards? Well I do thank god we had magic support.