Take The DIVE

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Take The DIVE
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Pirates Seader-Krupp
Spider Pirates
S-K Banshees
S-K Deckers
Casualties and losses
All All


Spider is contacted by DIVE representatives with an offer she can't refuse: do a job for them and gain access, or Bad Things might happen.


Spider has been researching dragons and dragon politics for quite some time; DIVE has also been doing that. Some data DIVE wants is in the hands of some local pirate, though Seader-Krupp is also after it.

The Meet

Spider is contacted on the matrix, and offered membership into DIVE if she completes a job for them. They'll arrange transport to and from Madagascar; all Spider has to do is get the data. She agrees for that tasty, tasty dragon data.

The Plan


The Run

Spider parachutes near the base and sneaks in, only to find the base under attack by Saeder-Krupp at the same time! Two banshees working for them have snuck in. She hacks the base's automatic turrets and has them auto-target the banshees to cause a distraction as she makes her way to the server room.

Once inside, she slaps a data tap onto the server and fights off several pirates while cracking files as more S-K troops enter. Fortunately, Spider is nearly as '1337' in meatspace as she is in the matrix and manages to avoid getting shot as she steals the data.

As she's leaving, steals a boat and pirates it out into the open water, having to dataspike a couple of S-K deckers who have realized what was up on the way. There she is picked up in a plane and she travels back to Seattle.


S-K doesn't get the data they wanted, and Spider is inducted into DIVE.


  • Prime Dataven (D.I.V.E.) at chargen cost
  • +7 karma
  • +5 Positive Rep, D.I.V.E.

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