Technocrat Corinne Potter Wins Election

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June 21, 2079 Metropolitan Seattle Edition 6:13 PM (PST)

After Thirty Years, Still Only 1¥

With 94% of polling places reporting, Technocrat Corinne Potter wins the election for Governor of Seattle in a surprise victory against the Democratic and Republican Parties. Ms. Potter leads a metroplex stunned by the outing of the alleged corrupted Brackhaven administration.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 2.59.52 AM.png

"Seattle has chosen a data-driven future, unbound by ideology," Ms. Potter said at her victory speech at the base of Space Needle. She vowed to "replace lobbyists with chief data officers, policy experts, project managers, and civil engineering servants."

"The Seattle of the next few years will respond passively to your needs. We listen closely to the pulse of this grand metroplex and deploy its vast resources where need wails out from the information we gather. Data-driven systems will make Seattle knowable and controllable in new, dynamic, reactive ways. Machine learning will tell us where and when to pick up the trash, plow the streets and deploy our cops. We promote a citizen-centric model that puts you all at the forefront. We will host hackathons to solve the chronic issues this city faces, like the radiation still lingering in Glow City."

Critics have pointed to privacy concerns with this vision and doubt the Technocrat's mandate while pointing out the systematic problems with the first past the post voting system. Critics also mention how their vision does not have a place for those with poor matrix connections.

Potter, however, seemed unfazed and unafraid of a new future. Motivated by the unfortunate assassination of the previous technocratic candidate, Howard Cannon, a mere yard away from where she gave her victory speech. "Howard, wherever you are, we did it. We did it."

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