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This template functions exactly like Template:Infobox as seen on the default Template:Player Character with one noteworthy exception: It will generate a special box to the left of the infobox which can take a "Character Portal".

To add this, simply find the line which says
and replace it with
{{Infobox Portal

If the field is not already present, also add the following line below that:

|YourWikiUsername = 

You will then need to enter your wiki user name after the =

Is you are using the rounded box style character page created by User:Teksura, you will also need to add the following:


This will attempt to generate a character portal from a subpage, but you will need to set that up first.

After putting this in your character page, you will be given a red link at the top of your page. Click that to create a page, and follow the instructions found in Template:CharacterPortal. Copy the source code from the template, and paste it into the User subpage this one is linking to.