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Date: {{{Date}}}


This template is intended to be used along with the creation of news articles. It generates tags and ensures the page is set to Category:News.

The fields should be filled in as follows:

Field Use
Image Optional: Add file path for image you would like displayed at the top of the news article. e.g. File:Horizon.png
ImageSizeOverride Optional: Sets the size for the above image. For example, File:Horison.png works best when set to 660px
Date Required: The date must be added in YYYY-MM-DD format. If this field is not filled, it will not show up on The Story So Far or Category:News
NewsSource Required: This sets the header for the news source. e.g. Horizon News Network
Reporter Optional: Sets an IC reporter and credits them as the author of the story.
Metaplot Optional: If the news article is a part of a metaplot, note so here and it will show up on the metaplot page as well as its association on The Story So Far.
Intro Optional: Simply allows you to add additional text ahead of the image, if an image is selected.

Note that this Template may be duplicated multiple times on the same News Article without harming anything; however, the required fields must still be used. See Gas Leak Leads to Robbery at Tacoma Mall for an example of this.