Tensions with the Tir?

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Date: 8/28/2082 By: Alina North

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Anonymous sources have confided that tensions are rising between Ares and Tir Tairngire, with multiple alleged incidents having occurred between the two in recent weeks. While the comments were vague, the source alleged that the events, taking place in the Seattle area, had caused annoyances in Ares leadership towards the elven state to the south. One of the Tir's longtime trading partners, Ares's presence in the region has grown over the past few decades, spurred on by pushes for economic liberalization made by members of the post-revolution government.

This change hasn't been without criticism though. The Tir has long been notable for its refusal to sign the Business Accords, denying corporations extraterritoriality within its borders, a restraint that has weighed heavily on foreign business interests. This stubborn stance, while criticized by many economic experts, has become entrenched in the national culture. The relaxing of corporate restrictions in the last decade has been met with fierce resistance by some segments of Tir society.

Many factions of the Rinelle ke’Tesrae, dissatisfied with the results of their revolution, continue to terrorize the Tir, utilizing a bloody method to achieve their political ends. While their causes and means vary dramatically, many splinters of the revolution violently oppose further intrusion by foreign corporations. Officially, the Tir government opposes these groups and works to stamp them out and return order to the nation. Rumors persist though that elements of those in power, both current and deposed, provide support to these radical factions, using them as a weapon against their enemies.

In the wake of recent threats by Brat’Mael against Are’s employees in Serentaneyo, Ares and the Tir government have affirmed their partnership to fight back against the dissidents, promising a swift end to the dissents and a safe and open environment for corporations. Could it be possible though that Ares suspects that the Tir is complicit in these acts against them? I sent inquiries to officials from both parties, but received only assurances that relations were fine. At least outwardly, they stand united. In the days to come though, who can tell. Perhaps the Tir will return to their ill advised policies of old. Perhaps Ares will act to ensure the safety of the workers, opening the country to proper corporate administration? Who can say.

- Alina North