That Old ACHE

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That Old ACHE
Part of Deus Machina
LocationThe ACHE in Downtown, Seattle
Numerous Teeth Drones
Green The Dissonant Technomancer
Spider Drones
Casualties and losses
Numerous Teeth Drones
Green The Dissonant Technomancer
Spider Drones


A mysterious Johnson hires a team of runners to deliver and set up computing equipment to a specific location within the old Renraku Arcology. It seems he may have had an ulterior motive however, as there was a former follower of Deus who was a Green at the location specified.

The Run

The team uses some help from the Johnson to get into the ACHE, then they head to the middle (un-reclaimed) floors of the arcology. During their time in the zone of horrors, the team deals with the following:

  • Numerous Teeth Drone attacks
  • A Dissonant Technomancer who hates Noaido for being able to hack
  • Two Toxic Spirits (Sludge and Barren) who hate each other (the party assists the Barren defeat the Sludge)
  • A Deus-Worship Cult
  • Numerous Spider Drones, one of which attaccked Noaido
  • Cable rooms (rooms filled with cables hanging from the ceiling with nasty universal-metahuman connectors covered in blood) sometimes filled with corpses
  • The visceral fear of being in a background count of 2-3 the entire time


  • 26k nuyen
  • 11 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was more than I thought it would be. I had heard stories of the Arcology, but I did not expect anything like that. It will take a pretty payday for me to go back in there. And next time, I bring my new, big gun. Now, I am going to take a hot bath and get the reek of that place off me.


So, I wasn't here for most of this one, but I was asked to write something since I was called in for advice at the end there. Turns out something big's been going down in the ACHE with Deus cultists, and a dissonant technomancer green-eyes had taken control of a floor, locked in a struggle with a resonant technomancer white-eyes. While I remain certain the call to put the dissonant green-eyes down was the right one, I worry about what the white-eyes is planning. It can't be anything good. I heard talk of a well somewhere in there - that will be worth investigating in the future. I've been meaning to return to the ACHE ever since I saw that horrible, dissonance-filled host icon that looked like a burning eye. The time sounds about right. But who else would willingly go back? I'll have to think on this one.