The Agus download

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The Agus download
LocationJust below St.Andrews way, Downtown, Seattle
Status Success
Factions Involved
Agus Matrix Security Tan unlimited, Omniwide technology design Runners
Commanders and leaders
Exitus, West, Snake Eye's, Dokkaebi
Casualties and losses
No lethally wounded
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The runners met the Johnson in a coffee shop called Saloon No 11° in downtown Seattle, here they discussed the what was required for the job and managed to obtain 4000 NuYen before the job spending money.


The runner went to a back room of a club that was closed in the morning and afternoon and began to play their run and perform legwork. In this time they manage to set themself up as Lone Star security guards working for Agus matrix security by obtaining illigal burner sin, stolen uniforms provided by the mob through the contact from West and managed to place their IDs in the local host of Lone star to make their sins to check out.
After this was done the runners went into the place as Lonestar security guards looking for the data that they were tasked to steal, but came into problems when one of their disguises began to fail by further scrutiny of the Lieutenant Brickson that was on duty as head of security.
They managed to use this to their advantage to cause a distraction while Dokkaebi hacked into the server for the first piece of data, but this sharade could not stand forever so they began to forcefully move two the other pieces of data on the different floors.
Here when searching for the data encountered some resistance from the on site security and problems with matrix place bombs on the program, but by pure luck manage to evade the loss of the data. After obtaining the three pieces of data they began to make for the exit that was provided by hiring a flash mob that was keeping the at that moment outside police officers of Knight errant busy allowing the runners to slip pass them and get away.


the aftermath of this job is the following:

*Agus Matrix security is no longer a company on its own as it has been taken over and merged by Tan unlimited, Omniwide technology design into Priori Intelligent Assembling
*The runners were caught on the cameras, but disguised so it may take some time for Lone star could identify the runners, although Exitus left behind some viable genetic material for genetic testing which was also used to try to tack him down through the use of spirits but was unable to due precautions taken by Exitus.  


u/Vindicer as Exitus
Rewards: 18000 NuYen,3 karma, +1 Rep Priori Intelligent Assembling

u/Chad789 as West
Rewards: 18000 NuYen,3 karma, +1 Rep Priori Intelligent Assembling

u/HiddenBoss as Snake Eye's
Rewards: 18000 NuYen,3 karma, +1 Rep Priori Intelligent Assembling

u/Reyjinn as Dokkaebi
Rewards: 18000 NuYen,3 karma, +1 Rep Priori Intelligent Assembling