The Bleeding Edge of Progress

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The Bleeding Edge of Progress
Result The team was able to successfully kidnap Dr. Giulia Marie Bisonette and a prototype piece of cyberware, despite causing massive chaos and destruction at the Seattle Hilton, during the fashion week, organized by Shiawase.
Factions Involved
Shiawase Universal Omnitech
Units involved
4 Elite Corpsec assault
1 Elite Corpsec burnout adept
1 Elite Corpsec decker
1 Elite Corpsec commander, Captain "Shotgun" Shimada
Casualties and losses
1 Elite Corpsec assault
1 Elite Corpsec burnout adept


Seattle fashion week was being hosted by Shiawase, who were trying to push for a new style "augmented fashion" in a way to promote their new line of cyber and bioware. Dr. Guilia Maria Bisonette, a brilliantly talented cyberware designer was the guest of honor. Despite being a rare talent, Bisonette was unhappy at her treatment in the hand of the Japanese corp. Universal Omintech wanted to capitalize on this intel and hired a group of runners to abduct Bisonette and hand her over to UO, where she would be "persuaded" to work for them through various means.


The meet took place on the 8th floor of 9-circles. A nightclub in downtown Seattle, owned by King Midas. The club has 9 floors going up, designed after the 9 circles of Dante's inferno. The meet took place via VR, with a masked Johnson. The floor was also rented out by the Johnson for the runners to use as a hideout during their legwork. The team had a window of 2 days to prep and 3 more days to abduct Dr. Bisonette. Additional pay was offered for acquiring a piece of prototype cyberware from her suite.


The team learned that Bisonette is will be staying at the Hilton Seattle, where the event itself is going to take place. Shiawase had rented out the whole luxury hotel for guests, hosts and participants sponsored by Shiawase. The runners hacked the Hotel host (which had been upgraded over last year from R4 to R6), gathered floor plans and intel that she would have a security entourage of 7 more people. She would be staying on the top floor. However, it showed that a helicopter and an armored car would be travelling from Sea-Tac to the hotel at the same time and both were booked under Bisonette's name, (The helicopter was a ruse, to set off potential attackers. The entourage was in fact travelling by road using an armored Mitsubishi Nightsky). Unable to intercept her on the way, Diablo chose to go into the event (after Bacchus matrix cleared his pass) as an interviewer from an independent fashion magazine "Gadgetwasp". Infamy went upto her suite, bypassed the traps and secured the secondary objective. Following which, she and Photon engaged in combat with the burnout adept and were able to kill him. Diablo's cover was eventually blown when the security team checked for the magazine on the matrix (only to find 0 results). A firefight erupted but the runners were able to narcojet Bisonette, kidnap her and escape. The team delivered the target and the prototype cyberlimb to the Johnson (who turned out to be female) at the Tacoma docks. The runners were given passkeys to a discrete betaware clinic as their payment.


The firefight was all over the news as the Seattle fashion week organized by Shiawase, erupted in disaster. The event was cancelled and Shiawase lost a massive amount of money, assets and face. UO was successfully able to acquire prototype Shiawase tech and escape back to Vancouver.


56,000 nuyen worth of ware upto betaware, 2 karma. All PCs gained the negative quality Records on File: Universal Omnitech (for taking the ware and UO kept their genetic and biometric data for future purposes and potential employment)

Player Characters


Bought positive quality Steely eyed wheelman at full price.


Adapsin, upgrading smartlink to beta, upgrading datajack to beta, Upgrading plastic to titanium bone lacing.