The Chase

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The Chase
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
LocationRedmond & Tacoma


Deulara Leorel sends an alert to the team, asking for help via the ShadowHaven app, a member has gone missing and she needs the team to help recover them.


OtherCon has been dealing with its members going missing for a while now, and has begun work on trying to find a way to protect them. A new prototype system is in place, a tracker that is difficult to detect, and sends a location ping at random times using short burst transmissions.

The Meet

The meet takes place over video conference using the ShadowHaven app. Deulara asks the team to help recover a missing member, explaining the prototype tracker and sending information about the tracker as well as a picture and information about the missing person, a Lizard-man SURGEling named Ryan Brown. The team also gets Ryan's last known location from the tracker.

The Run

Queen does some research on Ryan, and the team decides to check out the location. It's a chop shop for vehicles, extra secure in the Redmond barrens. They try and question the guys about Ryan, his car, and the vehicle Yata believes was parked in a spot where she picked up the scent of someone who didn't smell very human, and a human.

The workers get uncomfortable and one is sent off to get "the boss". The team realizes quickly this is a yakuza run chop shop. Paladin sneaks into the office to steal a commlink while the team talks to the boss, who is less than helpful. Team gets out of there and activates a jammer while queen digs into the commlink for info.

The team opts to not investigate the location data that the boss recently gave to someone, and instead checks out Ryan's house. they learn that someone broke into the home, opened all the windows at night, and shorted out the heating unit. when Ryan's cold blooded nature put him in hibernation, he was taken.

The team digs through security footage and finds info on the car that took him. Right about then, they get an update from the ShadowHaven app, the J informs them that a new location ping just came up. The team then traces the icon on the car as they prepare to move, and find the car is in the same place as the ping. queen does more digging on the car, pulling the registered owner, and finding info on him. Based on the direction the car is going, they believe the owner is taking it to a nightclub he also owns.

Team goes to the club, and spots a yakuza gunman on the roof on lookout. Paladin sneaks up there by climbing on a dumpster and knocks him out easily. The team then busts through the back door and tosses a flashbang in... Only to glitch their small unit tactics and forget to pull the pin.

A fight breaks out and the team knocks out 6 yakuza, and sends a not-yakuza man away. they then force their way into the sub-basement by hacking the elevator, and find the Yakuza boss blissed out of his mind and surrounded by people fawning over him including Ryan the Lizard man, a Cat Girl, a Man with feathers and a third eye, and a female Fox Shifter. All of whom are dressed in clothes so revealing, the “how to wash” tag is the largest bit of fabric on them.

When he realizes what is going on, the Yakuza boss tries to spring out of his chair for a fight, but quickly realizes he is doomed. He accepts that him being killed would be fitting, as his great shame has been discovered. He offers the team ¥6,000 to take those they came for, and leave him with his life, and keep his secret shame a secret. the team hesitates on this, asking pointed questions if he will continue to kidnap people for this. He thinks long and hard, and admits he will not lie to them about this. The team is prepared to kill him, but accepts ¥2,000 in exchange for allowing him to die with honor and dignity upstairs, where his men fell. He is relieved to hear that his men are only unconscious, as they are too young to die. The Yakuza boss dies with honor.

Yata then gets super man and goes to hunt down the guy they let go, now that they know what is going on here. The rest of the team checks the basement, and finds 6 more puppets, these ones are far less exotic. The team calls in Alessa P and arranges for transportation and a street doc to help the puppets be restored and recover.

Yata meanwhile shoots the guy in front of a Soybucks, and gets a name and address from him of someone else who gave him the location of the Bunraku Parlor. He gets a few gel rounds to the face.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


You know, at first I thought the Lizard man we had to rescue might have been captured by EVO or something for twisted experimentation. It turned out that something just as sinister happened. He was turned into a Bunraku puppet, along with several other innocent people. Knowing this, it was a pleasure to knock some sense into those Yakuza thugs for daring to conduct something so malicious.