The Diamonds in the Rough

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The Diamonds in the Rough
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Assassins
Casualties and losses
a few


The runners were tasked with guarding a Starlet who has made a few enemies in the past and is now needing to be guarded due to how people are dying around her and trying to make sure the movie that Horzion is trying to push fails and doesn't get a squeal


Horizon has this latest movie actor starting to rise in the ranks and they've been trying to promote her heavily just the minor problem is she is not very well viewed in certain populations and well certain groups are trying to take a vast interest in making sure she stops acting entirely because she is promoting ideas they are drastic against with her personal public life.

The Meet

The team would have to meet the Johnson inside and they're rising HQ in Seattle to hear about their mission and then they would receive a special ticket to board a plane to head down to LA. where they would then head towards the meet the target they need to escort and safeguard her for two weeks, so nothing happens to her before the premiere of her movie…which this was going to have both runners keeping an eye out for any threats that could show up out of the blue. and hopefully, the starlet doesn't do something to make herself a target.

The Plan

There was not much of a plan, but to guard her day by day.

The Run

Over the course of a few runs, minor things showed up and it was up to the runner to guess if these things are a major threat or just normal life moving about. and having to keep her safe, which is not always easy with her wanting to stay in the public eye.


Like normal the corps are moving about and the 30ish movies showing up to be this summer's top hit...whatever this was the big movie for this year is unknown for now but at least the VIP is safe and not dead.


40k (20 RVP) 2 CDP or 80k in Gear rewards. Weapons,Armor, drugs, ware avil 19 and below.

Optional Contact: Evelynnn 5/2 (6 RVP)

Mundane ascension for Ace and can get that armor he wanted

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


while i don't enjoy working for the corps especially if its the horizon.. it did slightly help that the pay was decent, star we where babysitting was hot and i got to scare people and get payed to do it.