The End of an Era

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The End of an Era ?

In the night of Sunday 12-01-2080 a lot of different sources have published various information about Sonya Scholl that might end her carrier as Mayor of Redmond.

It's true that Sonya Scholl is relatively popular among the Citizens of Redmond due to her anti Corp stance, but the news now uncovered could change that.

Now there are several different files that got published. Showing that Sonya Scholl is not only working with the Crimson Dragon Urubia but working under her making her a political puppet of the "Crimson Queen",

let me get you some of those juicy information I already said that Sonya Scholl is Urubias puppet but this goes deep, the files show that from the very beginning of Sonyas career, her anti corp stance were but a lousy bluff.

This was just to keep out other corporations so that Urubias could flourish. The reason Redmond is the hole it is now is partially their fault there stopping development and keep gangs going so they fight each other, they hinder education.

Most people of Redmond never saw anything like a school or something like that. You may have wondered why that is the case.

Wonder no more, their goal is to create a lot of dumb people because they are less likely to make an uproar and are easier to control, plus they keep each other at bay because they hate each other but don't know why.

Furthermore you probably all have heard about a lot of people have vanished since Sonya Scholl has the lead.

Officials couldn't make a link between all those people except that probably 75% of them were awakened.

Well thanks to those new info it is now certain that they (Scholl and Urubia) have their fingers in there, if you have ever wondered why the Funhouse, Urubias headquarter has such large number of awakened residents then wonder no more.

This is just the tip of the Iceberg and the Socialist party has already started to claim those files are fake news and part of a misinformation campaign against Scholl.

To me those files seem pretty legitimate and to a lot of other people as well.

But what ultimately happens is up to the people of Redmond do they keep walking around like sheep following the judas goat or do they start thinking for themself.

Future will show.

Til next time Chummers keep runnin//BFG out

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