The Graveyard of Ships

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The Graveyard of Ships
Part of The_Shipbreaker
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Asamando Toxic Mages
Casualties and losses
Grendels, Nosferatu All


A Shipping Magnate decided he wanted to steal a derelict ship in a shipbreaking yard rather than buy it, so he enlisted Seattle's runners to steal it from Mauritania


The runners received a call at 8am in Tacoma before filing into a conference room

The Meet

Spider looked up the Johnson, finding out that he wasn't coming to the meet and they'd be meeting with a Secretary. Vikar looked up Mauritania and found out the basic information. The Johnson was cagey with information until the job was agreed upon. 26,000 to go to Mauritania, change the ownership over to the Johnson's shell company and defend it for 24 hours until their personnel arrived to secure it, and clear out the protestors outside of the ship.

The Plan

Vikar would contact a druid to bring in a fog bank as suggested by Spider to bring in a fog bank to cover the Banshee flying in, and Hunter along with Kate would plan the route using her Spec-Ops experience. Once arriving in Mauritania they'd use local fake sins and Spider would hack them into the worker's list and Vikar would talk them down. Next, the team would deal with whatever was inside and defend the ship

The Run

Enter Mauritania: After Hunter described the proper tactics to fly low and Kate used her Spec Ops knowledge to get them into the airspace, the ground landed and spotted the four groups of protesters. Spider spotted the R6 Industrial Host, and they saw the process to get in. Spider went into the host and heisted the information out of it, getting through the folder and the file's security swapping the ownership, disarming databombs and installing the team as supervisors and they moved in. They spoke to the secretary who spoke to the group in French, and they stared at each other cluelessly before clumsily explaining themselves in broken English and getting waved through

Calming Protesters: Spider made a show of keeping the group's P's and Q's in check and their mannerisms and speaking appropriate and this effort allowed Vikar to shine. They truthfully told the group worried about the dnagers present they were there to clear out the problems and gestured to their duffle bags full of gear and with a few honeyed words Vikar got them to go. A group who appeared to be lashing out for no reason Spider paid them all to leave, successfully. Next came the group demanding greater pay, and Vikar claimed to be a representative of the company and would put in a good word for them to get the 500 nuyen raise they were in search of. And finally, the union group was to be assuaged and Spider conned their adept leader down when he mentioned a corpo union-buster before Vikar soothed them away.

Ship Clearing: Vikar launched a spirit to scout into the toxic area for them and spied a toxic mage among other toxic people present, and the team launched an ambush from either side on them. The mage only by the luck of the draw managed to not get surprised before the group laid into them. Spider led with hacking the guns of the mutant adepts and disabling their greatest offense, Kate blasted the mage, Hunter Suppressed the adepts and Vikar's Guardian Spirit feared most of those present. The battle shifted away from the party as several toxic creatures came from below the murk and grime much to Hunter and Vikar's chagrin as they thought of attacking the water first. A Cthuloid popped from the water and smashed the Guardian spirit but its allies were running for their lives at this point, and another hit Kate in the head after missing the first attack. However the team pushed back Hunter crushing an asphalt spirit, Kate killing a Cthuloid as revenge, Spider knocking the mage out and Vikar disrupting the glass spirit. The group rested and took time to pull themselves

Asamando Black Op: Hunter noticed a sandstorm coming in against the wind, correctly deducing it was magic and then he spotted two large figures approaching them trailed by one smaller one, he assensed them and found them to be mundane. Spider next checked they were HMHVV carriers who had masked, Hunter posted up and fired and Vikar fired off a stunbolt and hit the mage of the group. Everyone headed downstairs to get a view as the figures took cover. Spider heard screaming in the main language of Asamando and realised this was a nightmare OP. Kate fired on the Captain barking orders and spent some of her luck to get him in the chest, and the Grendels present ran clear of the explosion towards the party. Hunter sniped the mage and the spirits left, shortly before the Grendels arrived and attacked before more of the Asamando infected fired on and on. Kate took a blow to the chest and another strike before she and Spider fired back and killed the Grendels attacking them and the captain called for a retreat, but not before one of the infected shot through the wall and knocked Vikar out.

The group realised they had several Asamando citizens KIA and Kate piled their bodies and destroyed them with frags. In the morning an Asamandoan Ambassador was claiming the ship was willed to Asamando, and the secretary was not having it. The party wisely walked right back and Kate snuck them out of Mauritania


Toxic Mages were killed or run off, Asamando soldiers were successfully repelled and the ship's ownership was transfered with little incident as the party flew back to Seattle.


26K Nuyen (13 RVP) or 52K in (Foci, Weapons, Electronics that 'fell off a ship')

7 Karma Nuyen (7 RVP)


Run counts as cleansing a Rating 3 Toxic Power site.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Katherine Tyler

This job was weird. It felt more like something I would have done as a SEAL. This place was bad. I knew the breaker yards are places where ships, and dreams, go to die. Seeing one in person makes me glad I don't have to deal with them. And what about those Asmando soldiers? Freaking militarized infected. Regular soldiers are tough, ghouls with ghoulish strength are tough. Ghouls in FBA makes me upset. But we handled it. I'm glad to be away from there.

Vikar You know I took one of those risks on by taking this type of job at first I thought it'd be something simple and over with.. who knows well I got myself into fighting bloody vampires and dealing with enemies who are far much stronger than myself. not counting the ambush of those toxic freaks in the basement I'm just lucky I made it out alive and not some *** **** vampires feeding toy