The Hacker Wars

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The Hacker Wars
GMDoc Mcguffins
LocationKnight Errant Host
Factions Involved
Knight Errant


Runners are hired to delete an arrest file from the KE host and provide matrix support for a ground team breaking a guy out of jail.


The Meet

The team meets with the Johnson on the Matrix. He explains the basics: he needs a file deleted from a host and matrix support for a ground team. He offers 14K for this job. The team agrees, perhaps a little too quickly, as he reveals they are breaking into KE. A buddy of his has ended up on the wrong side of the law and he wants the arrest record gone. Im addition, he has hired a second team to handle the physical side of retrieving the guy while in transit to his permanent placement.

The Plan

The runners scout out the host. The KE host is a destination host with two nested hosts, one holding the files, and the other acting as master to slaved devices. Armed with this knowledge, the runners plan to wait until the transport vehicle with the target has left, then they will delete the necessary data, then switch to the industrial host and skew things as much in favor of the ground team as they can.

The Run

The day of the run is the first time runners have contact with the ground team. Turns out, the Johnson apparently found the matrix to be the important team and spent all the money on them. This group can barely be called runners, and shall hereafter be referred to as "runners," where the quotation marks indicate sarcastic air quotes. Imagine me saying it each time with as much sarcasm as I can muster.

The "runners" are at about the halfway mark between the departure and arrival points. Luckily they have done at least enough legwork to get that far. The Haven team talks them out of stopping the vehicle with the target inside using a rocket launcher.

Twitch has one of his fly-spys watch for the departure vehicle. Once it departs, the team helps each other gain a mark on the data host and they break in. They expertly avoid detection, locate the file, and Twitch and Daemon help Shiro defuse the bomb, crack the file, and then Nuke it from Orbit. The file is irreperably gone, and there is no indication of backup.

They Haven runners then logout and back in to reset overwatch, and watch the flyspy until it gets near the proper point. The Haven team get their marks on the industrial host, then Twitch threads LOTO which shuts down the transport vehicle and tells the "runners" it's time to move. They engage the KE officers with terrible tactics. Luckily, on the matrix end, they are strongly supported. Shiro causes all of their weaponry to simultaneously jam up. Twitch and Daemon use techno magic to cause other issues. The "runners" use explosives to open the target vehicle, dispatch the officers inside, and retreat with the target, who is, luckily, still not dead.


The world has one more bad person still in it. The runners got paid. So did the "runners," I suppose, but hopefully not as much cuz they aren't worth it. Also, the "runners" seem to have, somehow, survived, although this author expects that they will most likely end up dead before long.


14K Nuyen, Instinctive Hack(2Karma), 7 Karma, 2CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Takeaway: Don't work with a team that had 2 days to contact you and contacts you with 2 hours notice. Also, don't forget to ask what kind of host you are expected to crack into. We did fine, though. Shiro and Daemon are wiz hackers. Hope we get to go int ok a host again soon, guys!

Shiro Hime

This was an easy run although our meat counterpart could have performed better. But hacking into the KE host was easier then expected it's a wonder it isn't full of pseudo deckers who want to make themself a name. But finding this file was rather easy with the help of those technos, they are quite competent and messing with the industrie host were quite fun.