The High Cs

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The High Cs
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Evo Mind Mage
Ex-NeoNET goons
Casualties and losses
EVO Mind Mage


An EVO Mind Mage 'convinced' some Ex-NeoNET employees to pose as an Aztechnology-affiliated camera crew in order to record a Mob-Minded Opera Audience to kill a local politician affiliated with OtherCon during The Magical Flute. Many high Cs are sung by the performers during the opera.

The Run

Sophia Philips, a representative of OtherCon, hired the runners to provide security for a charity opera (to support OtherCon) being held on SpinGlobal property. One of the notable attendees would be Michael Hoffman, a politician who had accepted campaign contributions from EVO but openly supported OtherCon.

The runners were given security privileges for the building by SpinGlobal, and after checking the security they went to bed. Before the opera began, two camera teams came in to set up and record the opera, one from Horizon and one claiming to be from an Aztechnology subsidiary. After some snooping, Energizer discovered that the second camera crew had commlinks that had only ever been used to communicate with a few numbers (none of which had names attached) and had recently been purchased.

The team questioned that camera crew and discovered that they all had weapons and just enough paperwork for them to not be illegal. Then one of the numbers in the commlink sent a message to the crew, "we're in position". This made the team incredibly suspicious, so they went into the audience and dragged that member off for questioning. He also had a burner commlink, the same model of gun as the camera crew, and just enough paperwork to not be immediately thrown in the hole.

Eventually, the team decides to solve any problems by just throwing the entire camera crew into temporary detention to stop them from doing... whatever it was they were doing. The mage immediately reacts by attempting to cast Influence on Wildman. Combat DJ LazorGrrl notices the magic and shoots him, instantly killing him. They take the rest of the crew in for questioning. Afterwards, a Decker hidden in the crowd attempts to leave, but is apprehended by Valet.

It is revealed that the mage was going to use Mob Mood on the assembled SURGEd to cause them to feel murderous rage during Hoffman's speach, and their plants in the audience would make sure he was killed. The camera crew was there to record the incident in order to demonize OtherCon.


  • ¥16000
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Ah, good to be on my home turf! Some of these new hires, I wonder whether they're up to snuff. Uptight, y'know? Anyway, I learned something valuable on this job, which is that if someone takes hostile action against you, you should immediately shoot them before they can cause further problems! This worked out great!