The Little Mermaid 3

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The Little Mermaid 3
LocationSeattle to Pueblo Corporate Council interstates.
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Opposing Runner Team
Heavy Arms
Fire Spirit
Street Sams
Casualties and losses
Street sams, sniper, Heavy Arms.


Ca1yps0, a fish out of water, was captured during a previous run. She asked for support from ShadowHaven, and our ragtag team went on a road trip to rescue tuna salad. An interstate-based street battle left the OPFORs dead, and--to add insult to injury--the team took their vehicles as payment for their trouble.


Ca1yps0, being not very mobile but at least is very obvious, was recognized via her online fame by a previous Johnson (see Identifying a Problem). After not believing she was the "real" Ca1yps0, he had mentioned her in passing to a colleague at his television studio. That colleague, aware of her wanted status, arranged to have Ca1yps0 kidnapped on behalf of Regency MegaMedia.

Since she pretends to be a decker, (and has a fake deck on her at all times,) the OPFOR was unaware that Ca1yps0 could continue to connect to the matrix without her gear, and she sent out a ping to ShadowHaven to ask for rescue.

Catching Up

The team, following up on Ca1yps0's ping, immediately grouped up into a convoy and headed south out of Seattle proper. When Charon's SIN got dinged at the border, she dropped a little scratch to accidentally have the checks completed faster. Despite the delays, the team managed to catch up to the OPFOR's convoy, which--after some trailing, seemed to include an old beat-up Jackrabbit, an armored Jeep, a GMC Phoenix, and an Ares Chuck Wagon.

The Battle

Charon dropped into mist form, dropping from her vehicle into Nogitsune's car. The OPFOR uses the Jackrabbit, Jeep, and Phoenix to create a rolling barricade to block the team from catching the Chuck Wagon. Nogitsune guns the gas, pops two wheels off the interstate barrier, and manages to jet past the roadblock. Pell slams the Jackrabbit and Jeep with ball lightning.

The jackrabbit's unassuming exterior hid a trunk-mounted turret, and the Jackrabbit returned fire. As Silverpaw and Pell battle the Jeep and Jackrabbit from Pell's car, the GMC Phoenix and Chuckwagon take aim at Nogitsune's vehicle before Charon uses mist form to slide out of her car and--thanks to her agility--manages to form again inside the trailing chuckwagon. Unfortunately, she found herself sitting between two Orks and just in front of a fire spirit.

Nogitsune draws the fire of the vehicles for another round, before speeding off to preserve what few pieces of metal were still bolted together to be called a "car". Between Silverpaw's gunnery assists as Pell destroys the jackrabbit, which swerves to the side of the road. Ca1yps0 breaks the rigger's deck to ensure that the jackrabbit driver cannot assist the rest of their team.

Charon extends a fear aura, causing the passenger of the Phoenix to tumble from the car. Silverpaw and Pell disable the Jeep, as Charon pulled the emergency break to bring the vehicle to a stop. The fire spirit attempts to burn Charon, but her fireproof clothing proves extraordinarily useful. Expending all its services, the fire spirit fulfills its duty and returns to the astral. The team manages to eliminate the Phoenix before turning their attention to the orks driving the Chuckwagon.

The team kills the driver, but the passenger surrenders and is allowed to live. Silverpaw rushes into the Chuck Wagon and, as Charon opens the fridge, Silverpaw catches her and fireman carries her out like the hero he is.


Through the gear worn by the OPFOR and the interrogated passenger, they discover that Ca1yps0 had been blackbagged for Regency. They discovered that the Chuck Wagon's GPS was leading them to the coast outside LA, and--thinking that could be the Johnson's location, decided to split the team to follow that ping. Instead, they find a submersible vehicle ready to carry Ca1yps0 into LA.


    • 5 Karma
    • 2 CDP
    • 20k (Pell, who sold the Jackrabbit).
    • Armored Up Trailblazer (Nogitsune)
    • Normal Chuck Wagon (Ca1yps0)
    • Spy Car GMC Phoenix (Charon)
    • Submarine Dodge Xenon (Silverpaw)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I'll admit, fighting during car chases is something I usually don't end up experiencing even with my long life. This was a wild ride in more ways than one; dropping in uninvited and pulling the e-brake on a couple of trolls seemed like the worst kind of shitpost, but it ended up being practical. I truly have no idea who the bitch we rescued is, but I got a half-decent ride out of the deal. Could've been worse. I suppose it'll hold me over until I get a good-looking sports car. Nothing like flexing over the peasants that form the shadow community, right? Common proletariat, S W E R V E."


Honestly as far as kidnappings go this whole thing could have been a lot worse. The team were definitely pros, but either whoever hired them (and I'm pretty sure it was fragging Regency judging by all the Spinrad code in their commlinks - those fraggers are probably still sore about that attempted extraction back in '68) didn't do enough research or I'm a lot better at keeping secrets than I thought. I was super worried the whole time that they'd see my deck is a fake and start putting the pieces together, or catch me running silent on the grid, but I managed to send out a call for help and keep the people who responded updated on where we were going without being noticed. Wish I could have been more useful when the fighting started, but I suppose that's why I needed the assist - it would have been too risky to try crashing the cars, plus it'd have deprived my heroic rescuers of their hard-earned reward. Glad they all got something out of the deal besides my goodwill, though I do owe some favours now. All in all it went about as smoothly as could be expected, and now I know that people with this ShadowHaven network will watch each other's backs; I might not be able to trust any of them, but at least there's some sense of honour among thieves around here - not to mention British catgirls who will carry me off into the sunset like it's the end of a trid, that was pretty cool too! Definitely going to have to look into getting submersible mods on this food truck so that we can be submarine sisters. I wonder if it'd be too weird to serve seafood...


Yeah, Ca1yps0's situation seems to be asking for her to be kidnapped. Still, it was nice to stretch my legs on a road trip after being cooped up in Seattle for so long (Note to self, find a hole in schedule to visit mom and dad.). Anyway, the kidnappers probably didn't expect that much lightning from us, I think.

Also, I'm wondering who in Regency hired them to grab the mermaid (Certainly didn't expect one to show up as a runner on the Haven).

And I've never liked Jackrabbits, anyway.

Nogitsune: I wasn't expecting the mission to be extracting a fellow runner from the haven but things happen from time to time and some of us don't always paying attention .overall I perform my duties as a well man Anne did take the brunt of the onslaught from the arrival group ,task completed mission log over .