The Most Dangerous Game

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The Most Dangerous Game
Part of Hounds of Zaroff
LocationVargas Island, British Columbia, Salish-Sidhe Council
Result Runners escape, recruits killed, data provided to Horizon
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Alias Nova
Daisy Glaze
Hounds of Zaroff Mercenary Company Horizon
Commanders and leaders
SysOp TANJ Zaroff George Dukas
Casualties and losses
None 19 Combatants
6 Hellhounds
2 Combatants wounded
3 Hellhounds wounded
Dawkins Group Agent Big Boy wounded


7 months ago, Mr. Dukas approached Zaroff with a proposition after hearing of his boasts of too many recruits to handle. Both entertainment and combat data could be gained by organizing skirmishes between the recruits and lured in outsiders in a contained environment. Zaroff accepted.


The runners boarded a small VTOL in the morning, which departed the Seattle Airport and landed on the South-West beach of Vargas Island. After landing, the runners boarded a bus and were shuttled to the middle of the island, when their bus ceased all movement. Communicating through a drone mounted hologram projector, Zaroff offered the terms of their situation, last three days against his men, and his men would stand down and they would be both freed and given the bounty money he had placed on their heads. After Alias_Nova negotiated for a bonus for their work, Zaroff bid them well, and notified his men of their location.


Immediately making for the treeline, the runners looked back to find the bus destroyed by rocket fire. Hiding among the trees, Team Bulldog was unable to spot them, until the runners ambushed them. Mopping up the mercenaries and taking one prisoner, Daisy Glaze cracked open the leader's commlink and gained information on the 4 teams, before noticing and investigating Horizon CU^3 drones watching them. After interrogating the remaining mercenary, the runners set about luring team Poodle to the other side of the Island, before traveling to the other side and finishing them off as well.

After camping for the night, the runners managed to track Team Hellhound, which seemed to be stationary. After arriving at the location of the commlink, they were soon set upon by several hellhounds and their handlers, but they we're able to dispatch them. After meeting one of the island's inhabitants, who decided against betraying them, they set off at night to better allow Rabbit to hunt. Using a flare, they hid in the trees and drew in Team Rottweiler, before Rabbit Handily dispatched the whole team with a single rocket. Waiting at the carcass of Rottweiler's vehicle, they planned to hit Team Greyhound with the same tactic, but not before the final mercenaries made a final charge at them. A grenade thrown by a mercenary was shot out of the air by Alias_Nova, Rabbit easily won the duel with the undercover Dawkins Group Agent Big Boy, Yokai destroyed the remaining grunts, and Daisy Glaze fell out of her tree and shot herself, yet still contributed. With the last of the mercenaries dealt with, another drone projecting Zaroff emerged, offering his congratulations, and with that, the VTOL returned, and the runners went home.


Mr. Dukas, impressed with the runners performance, added their files to his network of Johnson's recommended list, while Zaroff merely enjoyed the weak branches being trimmed.


20,000 Nuyen, 4 karma, and +2 rep with Horizon


AAR: It was supposed to be a clean job, but the fucking Johnson dropped us into the middle of an island, marooned and then asked us to survive being hunted by his men. Said something about testing his men against the best. The fucking bastard. Apparently there were 5 teams we had to wipe out. If we get wiped out, well that was the end of it. Not having a choice we bolted for the cover of the trees. There we saw the first team, Bulldog. Having the element of surprise we were able to quickly overpower them, heh I even mind controlled one of them and caused him to shoot one of his own. Still having the element of surprise, we ambushed team Poodle and took them out as well. It was a hard day and fatigue was setting in. We stumbled upon this lone farmer's house on the island who seemed oddly inviting. I was wary at first but the ork was a genuine guy. I took some much needed rest before heading back into the jungle. Next day, we tracked down the next team, Hellhound. But it turned out to be an ambush. They had set a commlink wireless on so we would track it down and as we did a bunch of fragging hellhound came running to bite our faces off. Luckily hellhounds were the best the they got and a few mangy mutts were enough to stop the fury I unleashed on them in return. After a while, we heard the humming of a vehicle, we knew this was the fourth team. Rabbit had a rocket launcher with her and that was it, bye bye Rotweilers. The climax fight happened between us and team Greyhound. The guys were led by some a tough trog fighter. In the end it wasnt enough. Greyhound was wiped out. Big boy, as the trog called himself, survived as I was generous enough to spare his life. I was hoping to burn the J to a crisp but the had the decency to pay us what was owed, so I had the decency to not blast him to smithereens.