The Nut Job

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The Nut Job
LocationSnohomish, Seattle
Characters and Factions Involved
Captain Freefall
Raccoon Girl
Casualties and losses
None None


A massive but low-security Evo greenhouse containing genetically-modified trees has been causing the local squirrel population to grow ill. A concerned citizen hires a team of shadowrunners to "make sure the project never gets off the ground."


Tanya has the team meet her at the One-Star Bar in Redmond at 5 o'clock in the evening. Trash Panda, realizing that CAPTAIN FREEFALL has taken this contract alongside her, dons her Raccoon Girl costume and heads there. She somehow doesn't catch too much attention. The rest of the team arrives normal-style except for Wolfheart, who prefers to be there in spirit. Once the team is assembled, Tanya explains that the trees are making the squirrels sick because they've been genetically modified to have acorns that are so tasty, the squirrels keep eating them until they get sick. Upon hearing this, Wolfheart grows exceedingly serious and listens with rapt attention.

It turns out Tanya is less concerned with the trees or squirrels themselves so much as stealing as many acorns as possible along with two saplings. She adds that on top of that, she wants the team to steal a tanker truck load of authentic maple syrup coming into town from the north later that night. CAPTAIN FREEFALL agrees to liberate the maple syrup and acorns if large portions of the supply can go to feeding the hungry; Shark notes that there are a lot of hungry people in the Ork Underground. Tanya agrees to these terms.

The Legwork

As soon as the meet ends, Wolfheart returns to her body, which she left in her Snohomish sacred circle. She calls up Tony Santoro, The Farseer, and as many druids as she can rouse from Solace (7, as it turns out), and all of them agree to work together to save the trees and squirrels from Evo's bio-engineering mistakes. They convene at the sacred circle and designate Raccoon Girl as their spotter for a remote sensing ritual that ends up covering the entirety of Snohomish, because of course it does. They peer into the greenhouse from afar. Tony identifies features of the trees while the Farseer makes a map of the facility's layout. After sufficient reconnaissance, they conclude the ritual and begin a new one to transform the trees into a similar species of oak that would be difficult to identify as different, but wouldn't be addictive to the squirrels. Raccoon Girl levitates a mirror high into the air and angles it such that Wolfheart can see the greenhouse in its reflection. CAPTAIN FREEFALL remains in the area to serve as a beacon of justice.

The Run

Glamor, Shark, and Granuaile enter the greenhouse with CAPTAIN FREEFALL and Raccoon Girl waiting nearby as backup. With some slippery sorcery, quick wits, and silver tongues, they trick the employees there into thinking they're from corporate and threaten to inundate them with legal paperwork if they don't hand over the acorns and two saplings. This works without incident, and after a couple hours of loading the cargo into their vehicles, they drive away. When they're at a safe distance, Wolfheart seals the forest transformation ritual, transforming all the GMO trees in the greenhouse into the desired species of oak. The circle of druids immediately scrubs the signature before anyone can figure out what happened.

Glamor calls Leah Perry for information about the tanker truck's route, and she is able to get it down to a fairly precise location and timeline. Raccoon Girl gets Flash to run signal interference for the carjacking that would ensue. When the time comes, Glamor turns Raccoon Girl invisible, and a spirit sustains the movement power on her. She skates behind the truck fast enough to hit it accurately with her grapple gun, reeling herself toward it at high speed. The driver is surprised to see the passenger side door open for some reason, and he's even more surprised to be knocked unconscious by an invisible grapple gun, though not for long. Raccoon Girl takes the wheel and drives the truck into the Ork Underground while Flash makes everything look normal on the matrix.


Tanya ate entirely too many acorn-flour pancakes with maple syrup and went into a coma. Or y'know, something resembling one. A bunch of hungry residents in the Ork Underground were happy to have food - doubly so that it wasn't something based on soy, krill, or mycoprotein.


  • 8,000¥
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP



No one messes with the trees on my watch. This was the first time I really called upon the local druid community to do something big, and I have to say, we pulled off some massive feats. I can't stay to talk about it too long, though - the druids at Solace seem to have let the power get to their head, and they're transforming trees in the grove just for fun. I'd better stop them before someone messes up and makes poisonous trees. Bye!


Racoon Girl is just Trash Panda. Everyone else can see that, right?