The Pantheon

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The Pantheon
The Pantheon.jpg
The Future Gods of Olympus
TypeAwakened Policlub
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle

Faction Information


A group of Awakened individuals attempting to create a better space for the Awakened community and get those blessed with magic out from under the Corporations. Originally from Greece, the Awakened are all of Olympian Tradition, but any Awakened are welcome to join them, though they are also happy to guide the ritual of paradigm shift to Olympianism if it is desired. The main group consists of 13 "Gods" who rule over the group and make decisions, and a few hundred members at the moment.


  • Fill the remaining 5 seats of the "Gods"
  • Establish themselves as power players in Seattle.
  • Oppose the corps that actively enslave and damage the Awakened Community.
  • Remove the obstacles to their ascension.

Major Locations

Everett Estate: What was once a nice mansion in the heart of Everett has, over the course of two months, been turned into a Luxurious mansion with the help of the Pantheon's adherents. Ancient Greek frescos cover the outer walls and the main house is resplendent with ancient and modern art, often depicting Greek Gods and Heroes. There are training grounds on the ground, along with an Olympic swimming pool, medical and physical facilities, and barracks for many of their adherents who work as security for the location. Behind the main house, there sits the Athenium. Currently Abandoned

The Athenium: The Pantheon's inner sanctum. Only those who have been invited are allowed within the marble halls of the Athenium, where the Pantheon sit on stone thrones and make the decisions that affect their community. These are led by Pythia, but each member of the pantheon has a vote as to what is decided.

Tartarus: An Awakened nightclub run by Hades in Downtown. It will allow sleepers only if they are the guest of an Awakened, and it has been used as a recruiting ground for the Pantheon to gain new adherents.

The Ritual Grounds: In one of the northern W Zones in Seattle sits a series of caves that holds many independent ritual sites, including Hephestus' forge where he creates foci for the Pantheon and their adherents. This is guarded by "The Minotaur of Crete." A Minotaur kept in the labyrinth of the Grounds, running a personafix of the creature of legend.


The Pantheon
Name Metatype Magic Details Current Status
Pythia, The Oracle Elf (Dryad) Seer Mysad, Magic 8, Initiate Grade 4 Missing, captured.
Zeus Human Lightning-focused Mysad, Magic 10, Initiate Grade 6 Formed Splinter Group
Hera Elf Illusion Magician, Magic 9, Initiate Grade 5 Joined Zeus' splinter Group
Hades Human Manipulation Mysad, Magic 8, Initiate Grade 5 Formed Splinter Group
Poseidon Human Water & Ice Magician, Magic 9, Initiate Grade 4 Formed Splinter Group
Hercules Troll (Cyclops) Unarmed & Clubs Physad, Magic 7, Initiate Grade 2) Dead?
Artemis Elf Archer Physad, Mag 6, Initiate Grade 1 Missing
Athena Dwarf Detection Magician, Magic 7, Initiate Grade 3 Joined Hades' Splinter Group
Hermes Human Mysad, Magic 6, Initiate Grade 1 Joined Zeus's Splinter Group
Apollo Elf (Dryad) Fire & Sun Magician, Magic 7, Initiate Grade 1, Sun Mentor Spirit Missing
Hephestus Ork (Ogre) Enchanter & Artificer, Magic 8, Initiate Grade 3 Dead?
Dionysus Human Health Magician, Magic 7, Initiate Grade 3 Joined Poseidon's Splinter Group
Ares (King Beef) Troll (Minotaur) Mysad, Magic 6, Initiate Grade 2 Dead


Originally from Greece, the Pantheon were a dispersed group of Awakened that were brought together by Pythia and arrived in Seattle a few months ago. They have since created many businesses and locations that they use to help the underprivileged Awakened and continue their recruitment efforts.



Current Status

Broken into several splinter groups.

Health Summary

Currently suffering form the assault from multiple different organizations, scattered to the winds






Narrative Significant Runs

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Of the Goddess of LoveOrionsRequiem31 May 2082
The King ArgonautOrionsRequiem10 May 2082
The Denverite DebacleOrionsRequiem24 April 2082
Oracle & DelphiOrionsRequiem15 March 2082
Bloom in DarknessOrionsRequiem17 February 2082

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