The Return

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The Return
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved
Frag Face
Mister Squeaks
Spin Global


Devil Rat T-Shirt Cannon Mounted To A Van, Fired Into Crowd. 45 devil rats.


Mister Squeaks, a mysterious and maligned... thing, associated with rats, hires runners to spread chaos and rats.

The Meet

Mister Squeaks met the runners at Remy's Diner in the Barrens, where he provided them with a van with a mounted gatling t-shirt cannon and 45 devil rats, as well as the location of a nearby-ish concert held by Spinrad (read: In Bellevue).

The Plan

Roll up, unload, punch the hell out of security, demolish stands, use illusion magic to cover escape.

The Run

See Plan. Frag Face deleted the stage and very nearly killed most of the security. Illusory doubles of Frag Face were created among the crowd to sew more chaos. Escape involved an illusory double of the van luring half the pursuers away, and a second, more powerful, illusion to make it seem like the checkpoint to the Barrens had moved several meters to the side. Illusory van passed through illusory checkpoint, real van passed through illusory wall and real checkpoint at speed. KE officers in the checkpoint figured they weren't being paid enough to stop someone with clear and obvious magic from going into the barrens, especially at that speed. The pursuers assumed the illusory van was the real one, and impacted the wall at full speed. Survivors were not a thing.


Many dead Spinrad pursuit people, a lot of civilian casualties from devil rats. The van was far too hot to keep.


20k nuyen, 1 karma, -10 reputation wih Spin Global, each. +3 PA for Frag Face as the event was being streamed and there were more than 1 of him.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run was wild, tell you what. S'not every day a Johnson borrows you a tank and lets you shoot giant rats into a crowd. I suppose this makes us terrorists now, though. Never expected to have *that* added to my list of crimes. Oh well, it pays as it pays.


First run I've ever done and it was the most exhilarating mayhem I've ever been paid to make let me do it again!