The Salvage Job

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The Salvage Job
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares
Evelyn Vega
Knight Errant


Runners are hired to retrieve a package from a crashed vehicle. Everything is wrapped up within a couple hours.


Evelyn Vega is guilty of only one thing: loving her Ares Corporation too much. Also, embezzlement. Like, a lot of embezzlement. Evelyn is in charge of multiple weapons research projects at a local R&D facility. Currently, the plans for the Striker II are nearly “complete.” Which is to say, there is a lot of argle bargle and falsified progress reports as she pockets the money supposedly spent on that team (fun fact: the project information is a sketch of a weapon that makes no physical sense to anyone remotely familiar with weapons, and the words “lorem ipsum” typed 1,258 times). So far, she has gotten away with it. Well, until recently. It seems someone at corporate is getting suspicious and has ordered the prototype delivered that night.

Evelyn has arranged for the destruction of the data and backups about the Striker II, but needs someone to pin the loss of the data and prototype on. She purchases a Burner SIN for Shiawase, posing as an exec who wants that prototype and arranges for an “accident”. All the runners have to do is roll in, clean up any security, take the described case, and bring it back to her.

The Meet

The runners meet at The Banshee nightclub in downtown. Howler arrives and enjoys the nightclub itself for a while. Doppel realizes that the entire place is understaffed and feels compelled to work until it is time for the meet, despite Koi's protest, who has also arrived. Rigs arrives and despite being directed to where he needs to go, begins asking random patrons if they are the Johnson or if they have seen the Johnson. One girl takes particular interest and gives him her number.

They all eventually find their way into the back room, a few minutes late thanks to Rigs, who finally manages to make it. She offers drink orders, which Doppel immediately moves to get, making the Johnson wait even more. Finally, she reveals the basics of the job: she has the data she needs, she has arranged for an "accident" with the vehicle transporting the prototype, and all they need to do is arrive, deal with KE who is probably transporting the prototype to the airport, and then bring the prototype to her. The party takes an unusual interest in the box, trying to figure out exactly what the prototype is by asking for dimensions, shape, size, etc. of the box, as well as a worry of exposure. She assures them it is easily transportable and safe. They settle on a final payout of 9,000 nuyen. She hands them a metalink to be contacted on when the accident happens, the planned approximate location, and the RFID tag number to verify they have the correct item.

The Plan

Rigs realizes this is an Ares executive and is aware that the next-gen Striker prototype is meant to be shipped soon. This is probably that.

The party drives in Rigs' Saxmaster, the beefed up Roadmaster, to the indicated location. They pass the time in various ways before getting the text.

The Run

Rigs is able to arrive on the scene in less than a minute. With this being a AA security zone, they figure they have at most 4 more minutes. HTR has already sent two spirits as back up, and the security team is prepared for an assault from the road, with a total of 4 guards, 2 drones and 2 spirits deployed. Rigs drives into the grass beside them, negating their cover.

Howler opens with a well placed and well cast Vines spell, immediately binding all the guards and the drones. The drones, however, had been pointed in the correct direction and began laying down suppressive fire. The spirits unmanifested, then remanifested, freeing themselves from the binds. It was a great move, but hadn't negated everyone yet.

Rigs manages to get out and shoot the two drones down with some great shooting and the vines holding them in place decreasing their ability to dodge. Doppel supports the team. Howler begins opening fire on one of the spirits while the other manifests on the far side of the team. The team focuses on taking out whoever they can. One of the guard's guns bricks, and it wasn't Doppel doing it. They connect this to possibly being the "inside guy" that the Johnson had said might be there. Doppel identifies him on the matrix.

The team finishes off the first spirit, while the second disappears back into the astral plane. Howler astrally perceives and sees it in the car with them. She quickly casts a stunbolt recklessly and it is enough to finish the spirit off.

The team approaches the vehicle, whose back has been opened, courtesy of their inside man, and are suddenly ambushed by two more guards inside. The team moves to neutralize them, but not fast enough, as one of the guards is still up and pulls the trigger, only to find that the gun had been disabled while he had been distracted. He grabs the box and tries to run, but Koi shoots him and knocks him out.


The size and weight of the box seems appropriate for the indicated item, but the balance seems off. Still, the RFID matches, so they take it back to the Johnson. Rigs comments that she should get a better weapon than a Striker, which causes her to worry for a second, but after she takes a moment to think on it, she realizes he's only figured out the project, and not the full truth. She pays them the standard amount and keeps the credsticks she had readied in case of possible blackmail.

She manages to blame runners for the loss of data and prototype and the project to create the next gen Striker begins anew. This one will be legitimate. She will have to pick a new project to embezzle from.


8,000 nuyen +1,000 from negotiation 4 Karma +1 karma for no deaths 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The run went phenominally well, prototype was recovered quickly and no deaths occured. Wonderful if I do say so myself.


That was a pretty easy run, only because of our howler but still. The Gun-ports in the sax master made this a real low risk run for me, that and the vined knight errant pawns made it feel like shooting a fish in a barrel from a different and better armoured barrel. plus any run where i dont kill someone is a run that puts a smile on my face


This run was much better then the previous one, no water while Saxmaster and Markus completly shredded the KE dudes. Even used Stick and Shock! And these dudes shot with gel, like dude what is a gel round gonna do against a tank? Anyhow got the Johnson's gun prototype Ares Striker. And a number of this nice lady. Pretty good run.