The Story of Chuckles and the Wolf

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The Story of Chuckles and the Wolf
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Shamans on a Hunt
Turul Wolf on K-10
Casualties and losses
The drugged wolf


Turul follows a spirit snake into the woods, tries to help a drugged up wolf get free, but ends up eating its hearth in a ritual.

The Run

After working out in the dojo, Turul went for a walk around the neighborhood, and stumbled upon a spirit panther. When he approached it, it turned into a snake and, tried to coil around Turuls arm. Fearing the creature, he resisted, to which the snake indicated, that it wants to be followed. After sending a message to Roger, his Fixer/Ward, he headed out. While walking from Redmond to Snoomish he tried to initiate a conversation, but failed, as the spirit just chuckled when asked about name/intention. Naming the spirit Chuckles, Turul followed the directions to a trapped Wolf in the woods. He managed to free the beast from its shackles, but the riled up wolf attacked Turul until it was forced to kill it. After doing so a group of elves appeared and after a short negotiation, the mage of the group gave Turul a dagger, and wanted him to eat the Wolfs hearth. Reluctantly agreeing, he did just that, while the others started chanting, as they weaved mana into the organ. After the ritual, the group celebrated the newly initiated adept right then and there.


Turul innitiated to Rank 2


Initiation rank2 6 karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Oookay this was weird. I mean I can feel the magic inside me and that's good. And The elves were a really friendly bunch. But it still felt surreal.