The Tale of the Jade Bowl

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The Tale of the Jade Bowl
The Dark Knife


The crew infiltrates the Red turban outpost, grab and run. They fail to send a message to the turbans, preventing them from doing that again


The Meet

An elderly old woman asks for a bowl, belonging to Da Wang. It's been stolen by the Red turbans. She also asks that the Red turbans get a message, that their family is not to be harassed again.

The Plan

The runners decide to let the Dark Knife and Dolos sneak in through the roof while the other two runners create a distraction outside. Hybrid decides she wants to attempt to seduce the red turbans into ignoring the inevitable noise that will come from drilling a hole in the roof. Dr. Boo offers to quietly tranq the red turbans while they are distracted.

The Run

Dolos and the Dark Knife climb up while invisible, The Dark knife cuts through the ceiling. Meanwhile Hybrid knocks on the front door and lures out a man wearing a Yellow turbine. Dr Boo tranqs him and Hybrid tries to hide the body, but the red turbans were suspicious of her to begin with so they start shooting. Hybrid takes some damage, Dr. Boo interposes his car inbetween hybrid and the Red Turbans. The Dark Knife Jumps in and snatches the bow from a red turban, and runs away under red turban attack. He makes it to Dr. Boo's van and they all get away safely while Dolos hides, invisible.


The Team Picks up Dolos safely and makes their way to the Johnson, who thanks them, assuming they have sent a message as well. Boy is she in for a huge surprise. She casually mentions that the Bowl Belonged to Confucius. The team aappears uphased by this news.


  • ¥22,000

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Boo

It seems I did not bring enough artillery to this gunfight. Next time. Next time.


Yikes! Talk about serious firepower. I thought I was a goner there for a sec. Getting shot by multiple ares alphas ain't easy. I was lucky to survive that kind of ordeal. Luckily, as the firepower were all fixated on me, I think it gave my team a chance to get the jade bowl without too much resistance in their way. I also need to thank the team for getting me out of there quickly before things really went south with my health.