The UCAS Princess Settles on a Wedding Location!

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<ShadowHaven Host News Feed Date: 2081-4-21>

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Well folks who have been anticipating this for awhile now, It is finally in! Just two long years now after setting the wedding date for 4/25/2079 the UCAS Princess herself Rosemary has settled on a location! That's right she chose the Seattle Palace to be the venue stating, "With our long history it just isn't right to choose anywhere else in the world over the place where it all started". This comes in of course after changing the venue just over 5 times before pushing the wedding date to 4/25/2081. I know our royalty fans around the world are excited to see the live broadcast of this amazing, amazing fairy tale wedding!

-Johanson Morigan UCAS Tonight


"I gotta say two whole years of changing venues, I can't believe that she actually wanted to get married." -L'ain Loramel

"Well you know royalty, they love drama!" -Rury

"I think it's amazing that she took her time on it, when you're someone like that being rushed can really put a damper on things. She wanted to get it right and she did good on her. I respect that and hope I get a Fairy tale wedding too one day." - Portia

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<Video Reel plays of the palace with Rosemary and Prince Dunkel>