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Title: The Uses of Paranoia
Author: Purkinje the Many-Branching
Date: 02 Oct 2080
Body: Okay, so, title says it all. Did you know there are awakened people who get so, so into anime they turn into blood mages and hunt down souls? Because I didn't. Sure I play Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Duel Links on the semi-reg, but these people? They got so into a children's trading card game that the forces of mana swirl around them when they get motivated, and they blast people's bodies into gore. Now, traditions arising from historical and religious contexts, I get. This kind of drek? The fact that it's actually a real thing and is a threat to our continued existence makes me question whether there really are gods out there. I gotta get some sleep though, one of their deckers nearly fried my brain, and I have a bitch of a headache.