There is no gold at the end of the Rainbow

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There is no gold at the end of the Rainbow
LocationSeattle, Salish-Shire Council
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Toxic couple
I'm Plant
F7 Abomination
F7 Nuclear
F7 Sludge
2xF9 Nuclear
2xToxic Mages
Casualties and losses

Banned Spirits F7 Sludge and F7 Nuclear

2x Toxic Mages


Sasha receives a visit from her friend I'm Plant who tells her about his squirrel friend who tried to find gold at the end of the rainbow but unfortunately got into a radioactive contaminated zone and now has no fur anymore. He orders Sasha to take care of the zone. Sasha investigates the zone and, with the help of Scrappenny and Hunter, eliminates the toxic mages that have moved in. The run culminates in a huge explosion that closes off access to an illegal nuclear waste repository.


Magician couple Derik and Sandra Williams work for Gaeatronics and are investigating the safety of their new Magic Landfill Service. Unfortunately, this leads to the corruption of the two mages, which brings the mentor spirit Doom on the scene, who can win them both as followers. Since Gaeatronics has a strict policy about toxic mages to shoot first and don't ask questions later, they both decide to quit as soon as possible. But not without first doing a little research in the archives of the AA corporation. Gaeatronics has some black marks on its record and in the past has disposed of nuclear waste illegally near Seattle in the area of the Salish Shire Council. The mage couple decides to make this place their new home.

The Meet

I'm Plant visits Sasha in the woods where she has set up camp and tells her about his squirrel friend who unfortunately got into a contaminated area. I'm Plant wants Sasha to take care of it and gives her three credit sticks as payment, each with 8,000 nuyen on it. When the little plant spirit has disappeared, the mentor spirit Shark appears in the form of a Greenland shark as he has observed the scene and offers Sasha his guidance. But Sasha refuses at first, because she feels offended by Shark's one or the other statement.

The Plan

Sasha didn't really plan or legwork anything. She just went out and looked at the area. Fortunately, Shark was there to give her some tips.

The Run

Sasha immediately starts to summon an air spirit (name: Fluffy) which she uses to fly herself there with the help of the mental image she got from I'm Plant. Once there, she discovers an area in the mountain where there is no snow and which clearly shows contamination in an area 750 meters wide. At the edge of the area is a mountain that has a cave entrance. It gets warmer and Sasha's Geiger counter starts beeping. Fluffy also informs Sasha that there are ghosts among them in astral space that look abnormal. Sasha is a little indecisive about what to do now. Shark appears next to her again and has two pieces of advice that he thinks are good:

  • When you go in, be quick and hit as hard as you can.
  • Sometimes we sharks hunt in groups to better catch our prey.

After some thought about what Shark might have meant, Sasha decides to ask for help from other runners and let Fluffy fly her to the daze. Fluffy says goodbye there and is already looking forward to playing a game with his spirit buddies in the metasphere. She sees La Rapide, whom she remembers from a previous run, and tries to convince her to help. La Rapide refuses, saying that she won't mess with toxic mages for so little nuyen. Sasha is lucky though, she sees two more runners from the Haven and joins them at there table. After a brief explanation of the situation, Hunter and Scrappenny, who are specialists in fighting toxic mages, agree to help her. Scrappenny offers to drive the Runners with their Hellhound as close as possible to the infested place. Sasha wants to help her and summons an air spirit again. Fluffy reappears in front of Sasha and is a little bit annoyed to be called away from his game round with the other spirits, but is quickly convinced to help Sasha anyway. Sasha asks Fluffy if he can make the Hellhound faster, and Fluffy immediately starts to make the Hellhound even faster. The runners race up the serpentine roads in the mountains with quite impressive speed only interrupted by a short stop and a rudimentary check at the border. The runners can find a forest parking lot nearby where there is already a large caravan. Fluffy is sent ahead to scout. He comes back after a short time and reports that three dangerous-looking spirits have materialized and are watching over the place. In addition, the cave entrance is protected by a mana barrier so that Fluffy could not enter. In the area lie everywhere yellow barrels spread from which liquid escapes.

The runners decide to tackle the problem frontally. Scrappenny prepares her drones and a fight breaks out. The drones take the ghosts under suppressive fire. Scrappenny successfully manages to hurt one of the ghosts, who is then banished by Hunter. Sasha ties up one of the ghosts with the spell glue strip. The ghosts try unsuccessfully to hit the runners. Then a figure in full body armor appears at the cave entrance and throws a Radiation Beam at Scrappenny, but Hunter throws it back at the toxic shaman. He is badly injured and decides to run back into the cave, but instructs another nuclear spirit in the astral space to attack the runners. Hunter banishes another spirit and Scrappenny's drones pursue the toxic shaman in the cave, where they are finally able to kill him. The remaining spirits disappear into the metaplane. Scrappenny withdraws her drones except for one with a grappling arm to recover the shaman. Then a momentous event occurs. The shaman's wife and her nuclear spirit discover the dead husband and immediately attack the drone. Unfortunately, the drone was carrying a large amount of explosives, and as a result of the attack, the entire cave collapsed. Shark reappears to Sasha and says: "I told you that, didn't I? Call other sharks to hunt and strike fast and hard. See my guidance helps you." Soon after, sirens are heard and the runners hurry to leave the scene.


  • The runners can collect a bounty on the toxic shamans, increasing their reward to a total of 20,000 Nuyen per head.
  • The naked squirrel moves into a tree near Sasha's camp and uses their campfire to avoid freezing to death in the winter.
  • Gaeatronics launches an investigation to find out who uncovered their dirty secrets.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 10 Karma (10 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


Optional Mentor Spirit (Shark) for Chargen Cost

Initiation reduction


Optional I'm Plant (C 1/ L 4) (4 RVP)

+3 Wild Index

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"The mission was really dangerous this time around, but iIf I'm Plant is asking me for help, there's no way I don't give it my all. A bad-mannered shark ghost showed up - he called me "not cute" and "weak"! hmpf - but he ended up being helpful in the end so I forgave him. Now he follows me around giving me advice and stuff, and I think we get along pretty well now (if only he'd stop teasing me...). La Rapide flaked on me but I managed to get two people I've never met before, Hunter and Scrappenny, to help out on the mission. Scrappenny's driving skills were really something! Not that I've ever been on a rollercoaster (too poor for that), but I'm sure riding on her huge, decked-out semi truck speed boosted by Fluffy was better than any rollercoaster in the world. I hope I get to ride with Scrappenny again sometime. "

Scrappenny I know a few magic folks in my time I know how they will this strange power I can never be because they were the lucky ones to awaken, at the same time it would terrify me to have that type of power that type of ability to weave spells so easily… but those who give themselves to this whatever toxic magic those who allow themselves to become monsters in human form. why does such a thing exist?