These Narcissists Forget to do their Exercise...

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These Narcissists Forget to do their Exercise...
Result A Horizon effort to control Enduring Resistance's message by making their own "punk" brand, Persistent Defiance, is disrupted by runners who change that print on demand system and advertizing to spread Enduring Resistance's branding.
Factions Involved
Enduring Resistance Horizon
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None



The team arrives at the meet with the Johnson, a fashion designer working for Enduring Resistance. She tells the team that a Horizon subsidiary named Common Denominator stole their designs, in order to integrate them into their own brand, replacing the Enduring Resistance message with their own. She asks the team to enter the facility and destroy the products or steal them in order to help clothe the local homeless population, but Fischer offers an alternative solution: the team would instead replace the product with the original Enduring Resistance design, essentially forcing them to sell the product anyways in order to avoid losing a significant amount of nuyen. The Johnson is initially skeptical but Fischer and Ranger convince her that it can be done, and agree on a price of 20k for the job. The team then exits to the roof of the building and depart on Fischer's blimp.


While on the blimp, the team begins performing extensive research on the facility. Eventually, they decide on a plan centered around creating evidence that a Horizon employee named Kent Kelley was responsible for accidentally replacing the Horizon design with the initial prototype designs stolen from Enduring Resistance. Ranger has a brief conversation with Raven who tells her to look for any "haters" this man might have because the team might be able to find a second source of income for the job, and the team wastes no time doing so after Ranger shared the information. They find a female dryad named Othrephis, a vegan frustrated with Kelley due to his paleo diet and tendency to eat raw meat in their shared cubicle. Ranger makes contact with her and convinces her that she's actually a fixer, willing to take down Kelley for a total of 6k nuyen and a chance to prove herself. Othrephis agrees, and Ranger exchanges contact information. Meanwhile, Fischer and RazzleFrazzleRezzleRum searched for an entrance into the matrix, eventually discovering that the manager of the facility was dealing with an in-house drug operation that negatively affected his performance at the company. They agreed to deal with it and went undercover to identify the perpetrators.

RazzleFrazzleRezzleRum then used this new connection to enter the matrix and worked his way to the host where he edited a number of files with the following goals:

  • Edit in a shipping manifest to have the goods swapped to the original Enduring Resistance design by Common Denominator employees.
  • Implicate Kent Kelley as the sole person responsible for the mix-up.
  • Change the advertising strategy to one centered around a "surprise launch" in order to avoid anyone checking the goods beforehand.

RazzleFrazzleRezzleRum then located a personnel list in order to identify the dealers that were spotted while undercover in order to make good on his deal with the manager. He accomplished all of his goals in the matrix with little trouble and then returned to the team, who awaited proof of their success before returning to the Johnson who paid them for their services.



22K, 2 Karma +3 Rep Enduring Resistance

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