They Might Be Giants – You’re On Fire

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They Might Be Giants – You’re On Fire
Part of Panic! At the Corperate Court - The Rise of SpinGlobal
LocationSpinGlobal facility in Auburn
Result Sabotage of new cyberware line
Factions Involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Global Sandstorm


The ShadowHaven successfully infiltrated a Spinrad Global cybernetics factory in Auburn and sabotaged their initial batch of Flaming Cyberhead augmentations.


Spinrad Global has a manufacturing facility in Auburn that researches, tests and produces new cyberware augmentations. Mr. Johnson (likely fronting for Evo) is concerned about the potential loss of market share to Spinrad Global's newest product, the Flaming Cyberhead, which will launch in the next few days.

The Meet

The Johnson turned out to be a satyr flanked by a mix of troll and ork guards and chose to host the meet in the middle of the large nature preserve out on MacNeil Island, likely to take advantage of the high noise in the area. The Johnson expressed how dismayed his employers were to the potential loss of market share to this interesting new piece of cyberware and offered two ways to sabotage the initial batch: either modifying the formula of the propellant in the casing or to modify the formula of the alloy used in the flame valves. Technical details for both were included in the Metalink provided by the Johnson.

The Johnson initially offered 16,000 nuyen each for the job, but the team worked him up to an even 20,000 nuyen each.

The Johnson summoned a VTOL to pick him and his entourage up, allowing Dandy and Scrabble to peek inside and see Evo-branded accessories decorating the VTOL.

The Legwork

Cyro scouted the facility out in the Astral and spotted mana barriers, a magically active guard (Magic 3) and several watchers.

Paladin, Dandy and Cryo hit the pavement around the Spinrad facility and found a nearby hospital where former test subjects from the facility (and their unintended victims) including an ork with a chainsaw replacing a hand and lower arm. The locals would be glad to see the facility either leave or slow down to no longer have to deal with cleaning up after the released test subjects.

Scrabble entered the Spinrad host and was able to pull a detailed security/engineering map of the Auburn facility, but was discovered early and left before doing more.

The team decided to sabotage the composition of the alloy since they just needed to drop in some common bar metal into the furnace, and the metal was cheap to find.


Scrabble entered the Spinrad Global host again to create a work order to allow the team to enter as technicians from a known company and arranged for burner SINs. Dandy electrochromatically painted his truck to look like a work vehicle from the known technician company.


Halloweeners pulled up alongside the team while they were in Dandy's truck on the way to the job and looked liked they wanted to carjack Dandy's truck. Dandy pulled her sword and tried to intimidate the gangers into leaving them alone, but it was the teamwork provided by rear grenade launcher (named Cletus) on Dandy's truck that literally started smack to the Halloweeners that finally made them back down.

The Run

Infiltration of the facility went exceeding smooth with Paladin's smooth talking and the work order. The team was given access to an engineering room to fix their cover story (printers? displays?) and Cyro had the sense to flick one little button to turn off all the cameras in the facility. Paladin only had to worry about the physical guards to drop in the metal bar and alter the composition of the alloy. Scrabble actually fixed what the work order asked for and graciously accepted an offer to look at (and copy) some specs on new cyberware being worked on.

Exfiltration was even easier as their exit was covered by one of the guards doing a "Hold-My-Beer" impression of Tony Hawk from the second floor of the facility and landing badly on a piece of machinery below. The team just checked out with the receptionist and left.


The Johnson is happy, SpinGlobal's launch of their new cyberware failed because the skulls couldn't handle the heat from the flames and some


  • 2 Karma
  • 20,000 nuyen
  • Additional 2,000 nuyen for the extra paydata
  • +1 Rep with Evo
  • +1 Rep with ABC

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

  • Cyro -
  • Dandy -
  • Paladin -
  • Scrabble -