Things Man Was Not Meant to Know (In the Biblical Sense)

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Things Man Was Not Meant to Know (In the Biblical Sense)
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Termite Hive
Bug Deckers
Dancing Bugs
Bug Security
Casualties and losses
All of the Above


Sanjuro, Swerve and Cricket rescue Bug BTL simps from a termite hive.


A J's brother has been hitting up a strange club almost every day and when she discovers a BTL of ... bug transformation in his room, she calls in help.

The Meet

After completely normal pre-run schenanigans (Sanjuro getting the plague and Cricket getting brain surgery), the runners meet the J who regales them with her sorry tale. She offers her life savings of just over 1000 nuyen which the runners ignore. Motivated only by the thought of doing a good deed and maybe killing a couple bugs along the way, the runners set off.

The Plan

Setting off, the runners began with a quick matrix dive courtesy of Cricket. After a T6, she uncovered the club was known for some less than moral vices such as snuff BTLs and was part of a larger BTL dealing organization that had been pumping money into this one place for a while, despite it losing money. Even more curious now, Cricket hopped into the BTL rings network and after some snooping and some fighting (dropping 2 spiders along the way), Cricket pulled out a particularly suspicious file labeled H111. Opening it, it contained images of an expansive termite hive underneath the club. Wonderful.

After a brief discussion over this sudden job escalation, Swerve got a call from the J who revealed that her brother, who usually returns from the club, had in fact not done that. The runners quickly moved into physcially casing the joint. Sanjuro took point outside (and did some meth) while Swerve moved to active social infiltration. Unfortunately for the team, an enormous termite hybrid chose that moment to tunnel up through the floor. And then 2 more.

The Run

The runners leaped into action. Cricket spotted the security spider, Sanjuro sprinted into the club turning one of the security guards into 2 equally sized pieces and Swerve, for the first time since gaining the ability, screamed. With banshee magic, not just a normal scream. Several of the guards were locked down and many of the bugs were shaking in their boots. The stage was set. 3 enormous hybrid bug spirits and a handful of monowhip wielding Dancing Bugs vs a nerd, a weeb and a sad banshee The bugs didn't stand a chance.

Sanjuro stabbed through one of the big termites while Cricket turned the bug/spider into code-paste and Swerve slowed down the opposition with vines. As the bugs rallied, swinging their monowhips at Sanjuro and missing 6 consecutive times while she sliced through more of them, the bug brains clicked into gear. Sanjuro was very large and fast and good at not getting hit and not dying when hit. Swerve was a frail little banshee. The hybrids rushed towards Swerve who brought out the Mob Mind power and locked down some of them ... but not enough. Just as bug jaws snapped towards banshee flesh, Sanjuro jumped in the way. And then jumped in the way again. And then jumped in the way one more time just for good measure.

The battle came to a close with Swerve locking down more of them with vines and mob mind, Cricket hacking monowhips and Sanjuro cutting down the survivors. They grabbed the non-bugs and the J's brother, ripped out their chips and pushed them out of the club and to safety.


The exhausted runners collapsed in Swerve's van while the banshee called KE and told 'em about the location of a bug hive. Hopefully their bugstomper ways would kick in.


For Cricket

Gear Upgrades from a mad street doc - 5.4375 RVP

1125 nuyen from Kristen's savings - 0.5625 RVP

Zenny's Loyalty -> 4 - 4 RVP

6 karma - 6 RVP 2 CDP

For Sanjuro

Resistance To Pathogens - 4 RVP

Nasty Trog - 5 RVP

7 karma - 7 RVP


Somewhat Necrotic Legs

For Swerve

Astral Chameleon - 10 RVP

6 karma - 6 RVP


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


“Okay so killing bugs is really great! I may have got the plague a little bit and I almost got my legs cut off protecting my team BUT … uhm. It was for a good deed! I was doing a good deed. Can more giant bugs attack me please? Like I try to be all big and scary and then they attack the squishy banshee mage :(((“


"This was my first time really dealing with bug spirits and I gotta say, those things are nasty. I'd heard that they could use the matrix but seeing it in person's a different thing entirely. Lucky for me these ones were pretty bad at it. It was nice working with Sanji and Swerve, they're both real cool as far as runners go. I feel bad about Snaji's legs though, that poison looked liked it really hurt. Hope she's recovering alright."