Things That Go Bump in the Night

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Things That Go Bump in the Night
LocationBellevue, Redmond
Result The ghost was proven to be a hoax.
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
None None


A Bellevue woman named Marisol Vasquez believes her house is haunted, and she wants someone to purify it so that she can have some peace and quiet.


The team met with Marisol in her home in Bellevue. She explained that she had noticed some electronic disturbances, whispering in bed at night, and footsteps in the attic when no one else was home. She offered 2,000¥ apiece for the ghost to be banished.


Queen began by installing a series of bugs throughout the house after doing a thorough sweep, including a magical activity scanner. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, she and Yata left for a nearby motel and waited until the sensor tags picked something up. A few nights later, they observed the kitchen appliances opening and shutting, making all manner of noise. Queen analyzed the icons and detected a resonance signature on them. She took this information to Knight-Errant, who responded seriously considering the neighborhood was AA security rating.

A few days later, distorted audio files played whispers in the bedroom. Queen cleaned them up and found out it was just some guy reading Lorem Ipsum. She asked local technomancer groups for information on the resonance signature they observed, and one responded affirmatively but needed time to double-check. Meanwhile, Queen alerted KE to the activity. A pair of KE hackers showed up in VR and immediately spotted an unknown technomancer's icon, then began to question him. Sensing something was up, Queen traced the technomancer's location to a bush across the street just in time for the technomancer contact to confirm this was the righe person. Yata chased him down and dragged him into the car.

Once inside the car, the team fled for Redmond before the police arrived on scene. They interrogated the dwarf technomancer (whose name was D3F4L7) to learn that he'd been hired by the client's husband for some unknown reason. Queen hacked the husband's commlink and downloaded files showing he was motivated to cover up infidelity by playing into his wife's paranoia about a haunting. The team even went to a brothel in the barrens and acquired photographic evidence of him receiving sexual favors from another woman.


The client accepted the evidence and paid the team.


  • 2,000¥
  • 2 karma

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