This Run in a Nutshell

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This Run in a Nutshell
Part of Against all odds - The OtherCon story
Factions Involved
Chop Shop


Team of Runners successfully prevented kidnapping of Tanya, The Squirrel Girl's 7th(?) time.


Poor Squirrel Girl managed to get conned into entering the "Free Candy" van.

The Meet

The team met up few kilometers in front of the van and discussed the plan the had for rescue...which they had.

The Plan

Heroically rescue her.

The Run

The team split itself with Mars and Howler driving on her Thundercloud Morgan and Chop Shop and Baron on his Suzuki Mirage. Mars, Howler and Chop Shop popped the tires with their guns, while Baron attempted to use his magic and stop the van. The back doors opened and two gangers tried shooting at the team they all missed, Mars responded to that by chucking a flash-bang inside. They jumped out of the truck. Next genius move her move was to jump from her car into the van, she almost made it and hanged on for her life trying to avoid getting run over. Baron launched Ice Spear at one of the gangers but he matrix dodged it, Howler and Chop Shop dealt with them. After they stopped the van and pulled the Squirrel Girl out, she was disapponited that in fact there was no candy in the van.


The team dropped her off at a Candy Store, while Baron tried to con her for more, he got it in a from of a hug. Close enough.


  • ¥8000
  • 6 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Chop Shop

I was just heading out to get a beer when a short term job pinged in from the Haven. Kidnapping rescue, posted by the kidnapee and not as a dead drop message but as an actual live stream. The bounty was only ¥4000 for a job that was sure to leave some bodies laying about, but the J had access to a commlink so maybe they'd come up with enough nuyen to make it worth my time. A few minutes later the price did indeed increase, to ¥8000 nuyen and wonder of wonders the J was still online. Since clearly the kidnappers had no idea how to run an extraction like a professional, and that was more than enough nuyen to cover a night out, why not?

I sign up and ping the J's comm only to find it's GPS shut off. Weird but no big deal. The J seems just as clueless as her kidnappers so I send through a request for MARKs and am promptly just given them. Using those MARKs I reactivate the GPS on the J's commlink and then trace the icon, looks like she's on her way to Snohomish. By this time a team has signed on to the job so I send off the information that I've gotten and ping a location in front of her moving icon to meet up then jump on my bike. A quick jaunt across town we get to the meet a little before the J's kidnappers and the team starts talking plans. Most of these sound like they're going to take some time, so I point out we're not getting paid by the hour and know where they are, where they're going to be, and that we are more than capable of just shooting them if they don't let us take the J back. Seeing the wisdom in my words the rest of the team is on board so we load up, wait for the van to pass and then pull out behind it.

Unfortunately the targets aren't entirely stupid and spot us as we slide into place behind them, causing the driver to yank the van off onto a dirt road the the chase is on. Their van was no match for my mirage, so in short order I pull up alongside and blow out two of the tires, Mars takes out a third, causing the van to catastrophically lose control and start careening all over the place. The kidnappers for their part throw open the doors and start taking shots at us but they are laughably outmatched. Mars fires a flashbang through their open door while I shoot the drive through the window, causing two of the kidnappers to dive out the door and eat pavement and renders the driver and passenger unconscious. Unfortunately it also renders our J unconscious and the van is quickly closing on the Snohomish river. Mars tries and fails to board the van, getting dragged by it while I turned back for the two that took the dive out onto the gravel road. A short shoot-out that definitely does not go in the kidnapper's favor ensues while Mars finally drags himself into the van, stops it, and cuts the J out of the cage in the back. We slap patch the J, load up and take off once more before the cops can show up or any of the kidnappers can wake up. Someone stim's the J, which turns out to be an annoying mistake, and we take off to drop her at a Candy Shop and get paid. I tune out the inane chattering on the ride to the drop and take off with my pay while the others are going for hugs. I don't do hugs.