Thunder Needle Company

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Thunder Needle Company
Actual Protection and Smuggling
TypeSmuggling and Protection
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationSeattle, Redmond Barrens

Faction Information


Neighbourhood watch forced to deal with other gangs as well as making good use of the borders, shipping mostly medicine and drugs, as well as tailored Transport jobs. Due to their small size and limted control, the services provided are only deliveries of small quantities of drugs, only the "less evil" ones (anything below and up to Avail 4, no magical compunds or beetles) as well medicine/medial services, a safe house and transport services of persons or light cargo across the border triangle. Typically the gang uses one word callsigns instead of names. There are no ranks yet and names are given out on a first come first serve basis. Only one rule: No word twice.


  • Regain peace in the region once again.
  • Provide for the neighbourhood residents.

Major Locations

The Thunder Needle Bar-Base of Operations and Headquarters




Located near State Route 90, the border between Redmond and Renton, the Thunder Needle Company´s turf right now covers just about one or two neighbourhood blocks hunched together around an abandoned Weather Station. A bar inspired by the Stations Sensor Antennae named "Thunder Needle Bar" was opened somewhere between the first and second crash. Through struggles the community bonded together and fought for relative peace. recently however rival Gang activity spiked again and so the "Thunder Needle Company" was founded under the command of the Bar-owners son "Boss". Right now it consists of only 4 official members and is just a neighbourhood watch and a smuggling group focused on the transport of medicine.


none noteworthy yet.


the rival gangs of Redmond

Current Status


Health Summary

So far as a freshly founded gang there havent been major assualts on their ground or led by them. Maintaining


  • 1.Boss-Leader, Management, Outside jobs
  • 2.Doc-Distribution and production of pharmaceuticals and drugs
  • 3.Driver-Aquisition and Transport of (illegal) goods
  • 4.Tiger-Head of Security, Training and Protection





Narrative Significant Runs

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