Time for Talking

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Time for Talking
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Result The Shotozumi captured the Johnson(??) who was trying to set them up and have shown the Octagon that they can get people right out from under their nose while they watch.
Factions Involved
Octagon, Haven Runner Team Shotozumi, Peacemaker, Liquid], and Y3
Commanders and leaders
The Smiling Shadow, Tai Fengyu Kyodai in Yakuza
Casualties and losses
Haven Adept, the Smiling Shadow?? None


During the events of Time to Make a Mess, a very large bomb that Omega Dawn had tried to use against the TBF made its way into Runner hands as an Octagon Johnson posing as the Shotozumi instructed the Runners to hit a Triad soft target. They decided against this, and instead delivered the bomb to the Yakuza as well as informing them about the set up. The Shotozumi were upset, but they didn't want to fight a war on two fronts, even if it was only the Octagon so they needed to teach the Octagon a lesson.


The Runners meet a Shotozumi kyodai who wants the Runners to act as security for peace talks that they are going to be having in three days. While the peace talks are happening, they are to capture or eliminate the Johnson that hired the Runners to frame the Shotozumi.


The Runners start digging around on the matrix in order to find out more about this target while Peacemaker tells the other runners about the events of the previous run. While Y3 is able to successfully find some things on the matrix that might be related to the body snatching, the trail for them in Seattle is sparse. She is only able to find bits and pieces that point to their arrival in Seattle about two months prior. However, thinking about the connection between the Octagon and the Red Dragon, Y3 starts to poke around the Hong Kong sections of the matrix. She is only able to browse through the English and Japanese portions of the information, but well enough to find a large cache of data that is what she is looking for, except it is entirely in Cantonese. So she contacts her fixer Jinx in order to find someone who can parse through all the data as well as translate it.

Peacemaker and Sarge have a fast conversation asking her why she is asking a gun dealer to sell her a sword.

A decker is able to parse through the data for the Runners, with a warning on who they are dealing with. They make their way towards the day of the meet and prep themselves with arm bands to look more like the Shotozumi guards. They are brought to the Octagon headquarters with a small force of Shotozumi in order to talk. Y3 is led onto the host where she quickly notices someone that is presenting as the 88s. They turn out to be a runner who is there looking over the meet. The Shotozumi mention peace and the Haven team runs in, causing a ruckus in the Octagon compound. The Runners take some fire from the Haven team, though they quickly establish themselves as the better runner team by quickly killing the Adept in one blow. They start to chase around upstairs in order to find their target, with only a picture from 10 years ago to confirm a face. They have Y3 found a R7 commlink upstairs, which she traces to one of the offices which Peacemaker and Liquid quickly assault. The Octagon guards are firing DMSO Narcojet capsule rounds in order to stop the Runners to capture them. Liquid slashes the mage who is invisible there, who then is grabbed by Peacemaker. Peacemaker is then compelled to bolt out the three story building which why not harming her, did delay her ability to help Liquid. Thankfully, Y3 was there bricking the guns pointed at Liquid. Liquid incapacitated the mage and bolted out with them while Peacemaker charged through a wall, skimming their way to safety out of there.


The Octagon are upset that the Shotozumi came into their house and stole someone from under their nose. The Shotozumi are happy that they proved their point that they can take what they want from the Octagon whenever they want, even in their stronghold. The only problem being is that the Runners never confirmed that this was the target besides them being a mage. They did capture a powerful Octagon mage, but the Smiling Shadow is still out in the wild, not falling for the obvious tactic of being found by Runners that don't have any magic support. They will wait and plan while the Shotozumi enjoy the feeling of false victory. The Shotozumi think they nailed it and post a video of the torture of the mage they took from the Octagon to rub it in their face.


20k Nuyen

5 Karma

-10 Haven +1 Rep Shotozumi-gumi -5 Octagon Triad

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