Timetwisting Away

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Timetwisting Away
Part of The Collectors
Factions Involved


The runners are hired to steal a card. They steal a whole safe and no one is the wiser.


The owner of a comic book shop is procuring certain curio. One such curio is the Timetwister card from Magic the Gathering.

The Meet

Spider arrives about 30 minutes earlier, scouting the area thoroughly. Click arrives about 15 minutes early, followed by Twitch who gave Baron a ride. The Johnson offers them drinks and snacks, and Twitch is warned off the Renraku sodas due to their potential addictive qualities. The Johnson explains that it is his job to obtain certain curios, and the one he is after is a Magic the Gathering card called Timetwister. He is aware that there is a copy of the card in a safe in a penthouse and shares the location of the penthouse. The runners will be paid 10,000 nuyen each.

The Plan

Spider and Twitch locate the host of the building, which is running silently. Luckily, their amazingness finds it. They hack in and check out the total strength of the devices that they are going to be dealing with. Spider hacks into the maglock system and puts Click in as an authorized user.

Baron heads over on the astral and sees that there are 2 watcher spirits patrolling the penthouse. This is taken as good news, as these can be disrupted without alerting anyone.

A contact arranges for them to be legitimately invited to the hotel. The plan is that Baron will be on the astral and summon a spirit and eliminate the watcher spirits. Twitch and Click will go into the elevator, which Twitch will skinlink and hack to arrive at the penthouse floor. He will then use a resonance veil to make it appear to not be at the penthouse. Spider will be in the host, controlling the cameras so they leave no trace, and thanks to her creative bootstrap, Click will have free access to the location without worrying about locks.

The Run

Thanks to some creative use of machine sprites, Click becomes a minor sneaking god. Baron destroys the watchers. The first part of the plan goes off without a hitch, Twitch, who remains in the elevator, gets the elevator up with a strong resonance veil. Click sneaks in and locates the safe, and then is forced to realize that the safe is not the kind you can hack: it is an old mechanical beast. The team improvises and Spider locates a roof access. Twitch sends his Dustoff drone to the roof where it awaits. Click puts the safe under his RPC cloak and, with some difficulty, sneaks to the roof, barely circumventing the guard in the area. The safe is placed in the Dustoff and Twitch flies it away. The pair return to the elevator, drop down to the lobby and walk out.


They call Setback who gladly "hacks" (like, with a chainsaw) the safe. Inside, they find a collection of comics which they give to Tanuki as an engagement present, and the target card. This is returned to the Johnson who is happy with their performance.


10k nuyen 7 karma The issues of Spiderman: One More Day; TMNT #6, and a set of zombie dice (no real value, maybe 500 nuyen for the comic set, and another 100 for the lone comic) Darkness over Jothunn MTG bundles (~250 nuyen)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


The best kind of run. We were in and out and no one was the wiser until several hours later. They don't even have a clue when to begin looking for the perpetrators. Love working with Spider in the matrix, and Click and Baron (despite his reputation in the chatroom) were both consummate professionals who did their part exceptionally well. Especially Click who, arguably, did the main part of this mission. Great job! And now I have another pack of MTG cards that I probably will never use... I hope they don't just keep piling up like this.


Owning that building's host was amazing!


This is what I call a perfect heist, Click got many techno magic benefits, I removed astral security while Spider and Twitch done matrix. So Click just goes in steals the whole safe and leaves like nothing ever happened. Truly a wonderfully perfect heist.