To the Little Wannabe Hero Mage

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Post Date - 02/25/2081

To the Little Wannabe Hero Mage

I know your type, many are featured in my BTLs. You think you can save the world, I ask you to look around. Look at all the greed, gluttony and death surrounding you. I know you will find this matrix post as soon as I post it. I know you have been looking for me since our first encounter.


Heard you got pwned,

> w4171n6_vul7ur3


((This attachment has what looks like a bound female ork, sitting in a warehouse, terrified and struggling))

She caught me off guard with her power, I’ll admit, I can’t wait until I capture her dying light in a BTL and distribute it to the streets.

Or the trog will die if our hero decides to be a coward, I get paid either way. But It hasn’t been the same she you escaped, little mage.


Oh, come on, I need new content. Just geek that trog and release your need BTL file, man.


The trap is set, I know the little wannabe mage Purkinje can’t resist being the heroic mage like reality is a slotting fantasy.

I’ll be sure to send your final moments in the highest data rate I can, the death of a wannabe hero will be truly a work of art.