Tragedy to Triumph... That's Fire

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Tragedy to Triumph... That's Fire
Doctor Anubis
Omega Dawn
Casualties and losses
VIP mortally wounded, made full recovery. 10 Omega Dawn operatives.


A team of Omega Dawn operatives ambush the shadowrunners immediately after they leave a meet for a job to protect a Shiawase exec's mistress. The run begins in medias res.

The Run

As soon as the runners pile into their vehicle with the VIP, their rigger gets sniped in the head, killing him instantly. They bring the car to a stop and take a look around, noting that they are flanked by two firing teams of heavily armed black ops soldiers, each team having five members who have taken cover from third-story windows. Setback lays down a base of heavy suppression fire onto one of the fire teams, preventing them from doing much of anything. LazorGrrl dashes out the door and up the stairs of the other building to flank the other team. Dolos flushes out the team LazorGrrl had flanked with a powerful Ball Lightning spell. Doctor Anubis exits the vehicle and takes cover behind it, sniping targets as they pop into view in the windows. Neko begins bricking smartguns.

Seeing their situation spiraling out of control, the fire team under suppression responds by throwing a grenade through the car's windshield, at which point the shadowrunners remaining in the car run for their lives, taking the VIP with them. The firing team that Dolos had flushed out dashes downstairs and scatters outside, not finding cover. Setback and LazorGrrl pursue them, dashing out into the open to draw their fire; however, one of them shoots the VIP, who begins bleeding out on the ground. Neko scans some suspicious icons and learns that a decker running Wrapper is present. She bricks their deck before they can cause any trouble. Dolos casts another powerful Ball Lightning spell on the harassed firing team, harming them. Doctor Anubis put away his sniper rifle and switched to a syringe full of a knockout serum.

As Setback, LazorGrrl, and Dolos finish off the stragglers, Neko discovers that the suspicious icons were actually wireless-enabled cortex bombs. She disables them so that Doctor Anubis can knock out one of them with his syringe for questioning.


Once the opposition is cleared, the team stabilizes the VIP with a trauma patch, then clears up the bodies and sells them to Doctor O+, who was absolutely thrilled. One Omega Dawn operative is kept alive, and after some convincing, he betrays his boss Mano Ringo as having hired the team to take out his mistress so that she wouldn't be alive to provide blackmail material. The team calls Mano Ringo from the operative's commlink. After some tense negotiations, the team gains him as a blackmail contact.


  • 4,000¥
  • 8 Karma
  • New Contact: Mano Ringo, 1 Loyalty (Blackmailed)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Damn, I love when runs cut straight to the action! We had a real party this time! Those Omega Dawn slotters threw down hard, but I gave one open-heart surgery, hahaha! Nasty business with the body parts at the end, but meh, that's what you get when you take a job to geek an innocent woman!


I'm glad I was able to get everyone on our side out of harm's way safely. This 'Mano Ringo' person will be an excellent source of help for future runs, I'm sure, if he doesn't want us to come after him.