Trauma's Day Out

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Trauma's Day Out
LocationRedmond Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved


Dr Trauma busts a drug ring that was cutting Novacoke and Betameth together to deliberately induce overdoses. He rescues some people, and learns a bit about street drugs and the gangs that deal them.


A small time two-bit gang out in Redmond has been cutting Betameth with Novacoke and selling the resulting product at an all time low price. The resulting cocktail has been causing a string of deaths and many of the gangs dealers are now only still peddling thanks to some blackmail on the part of the gang's leader, holding loved ones and friends of the dealers hostage.

The Meet

Popping out for snacks from stuffer shack, Dr Trauma hears a commotion in a back alley that catches the attention of Fire-Bringer, his mentor spirit, who gently suggest he goes to investigate the disturbance. When he discovers the source of the commotion, it's a couple in the middle of a public domestic, arguing about whether or not the troll of the pair should be selling the cut Novacoke despite the public health issues that are caused by this. Trauma learns that the third member of the pair's relationship is being held hostage by the gang "The 12 convicted", and used as leverage to force seller's to maintain a high rate of sale.

The Plan

Go the gang's drug den, convince them to stop producing, and get the hostages back one way or another.

The Run

Dr. Trauma does some quick Matrix search magic to track down the drug lab, luckily as "the 12" are only a small gang, their turf is small and finding the lab is not a particularly difficult job.

He turns up and goes to confront the gangers at the front. They confirm this is the lab he's after, but won't let him in, offering him a dose of the cut Novacoke but nothing else. Diplomacy having failed, he pops a quick invisibility prep, sneaking around the outside of the building to figure out an alternative entrance plan rather than going through the front door and deal with the gangers standing out there. Not finding an alternative entrance point, he quickly drops the three gangers at the front and sneaks his way in. As he does so, a frag grenade drops at his feet as one of the gangers sees through the spell keeping him hidden from sight.

He kicks the grenade back where it came from, surprising most of the gangers who are subsequently left stunned. This gets the attention of the gang's leader, who emerges from a small side room. Trauma and the gang leader square off, but eventually Trauma is able to put the guy down, discovering that he was in fact a ghoul in hiding, and the cut drugs were what it was using to feed itself easily on those who overdose. He rescues those the gang were holding hostage, and pokes around the drug lab a little before burning the place down.


Dr Trauma takes the foci that the ghoul was carrying and breaks them down into their component parts.


  • 7 Karma
  • 9 Reagents
  • 2 CDP
  • Initiation Ordeal Discount

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr.Trauma Gotta say that was a feel good day. Went in only expecting to save a hostage and stop a gang from killing people, came out saving a good dozen from being lunch it was good day. My magic seems calmer too almost like I can center my mana.