Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt
Status Threat Level: Milk
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Wildlife
Turm Falke
Bilge-Rat Jones
2 Air Spirits
Casualties and losses


The pirate and the bird go treasure hunting.


The Meet

The bird flies to the docs where he meets Bilge-Rat Jones, who pulls out a treasure map after realising the kestrel is the runner he asked for. He offers equal shares of the booty, and so they go onto their journey.

The Run

The pirate doesn't have a exact location, so they'll need to look at a few different islands for digging sites.

The bird flies ahead to check for the right locations, once the first one is in sight. On the island is a phenix, who doesn't like the competitor though, and so a quick fight erupts. It ends quickly once the two creatures with deadly auras touch each other. Now that the phenix is dead, and he himself heavily singed, Bilge-Rat begins digging and finds nothing.

The second island holds an eagle who attacks Turm Falke once he gets there. To no avail though, as the eagle is quickly dissolved into thin air. But this too, turns out to be a failure.

The third island now houses 2 air spirits that are displeased with the digging activities of the pirate, but they are quickly dispatched by the death kestrel. This time the search is successful though, and the two return with a chest full of valuables to the boat.

On the way home a lizard attacks the boat, but it too is fought off in no time. The celebration cannon shot destroys the cannon itself, but the bird and most on bord manage to get away from the blast quickly enough to arrive back in Seattle in one piece.




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