Trials of a Tunnel Man

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Trials of a Tunnel Man
LocationOrk Underground (Redmond)
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Hard Corps
John from IT
Stevie Nicks
Toya Jefferson
Casualties and losses
John's hardening module A professional partnership


Ziz asked us to help up a person, and lead us to a Johnson in the ork underground. The Johnson was a bug who ask us to beat up a bunch of cop for presumably beating up his sister. The runners were sceptical at first but agree notherless.

The runners decide to hack the host to retrive the f ile of the beating, but found another one instead. It was decided it was best just to follow one of the people and beat them up and get the other info of the other person and beat them up too.

The mission was a hit.


Hard Corps has been roughing up and evicting people in the Ork Underground. One Underground resident's sister has been roughed up, and he's reached out through Ziz to get some payback and ensure it doesn't happen again.

The Meet

The meet was decided on a host. They went there and tunnel man told the party he will pay them 16k nuyen and he cant reveal anymore about the mission unil we accept. After a failure to negotiate, they all accepted at the base price.

They then met the other Johnson in the ork underground who later revealed to be a bug. The Johnson told us that a couple of cops have beat up his sister and need your help to preven that from happening again.

The Plan

The plan was to matrix search more about the cops and find out where they live in order to beat them.

The Run

After a quick matrix search we found the p2.1 account of both people. Not much info there but the team manage to acquire the address of the relevant Hard Corps precinct. John decided to hack the host and find more info while the rest of the party stay at a bar doing magic tricks.

John manage to find one of the people they were looking for in the prescient. After trying to converse with them and failing super super hard. John decide to find the files somewhere else instead. While looking over the file, John decide it was best to change his disguise to match one of the cops. In doing this action it alerted on of the spider. After a grueling fight, John manage to get one of the reports, but it wasn't quite the one they were looking for. Yet it was proof that those cops were corrupt.

After that it was decided that the best course of action was to follow the cop home, tie him up hack his commlink and get the info for the other cop. So Turul and Sinister did just that. But instead of getting the info from the commlink, they got it from torture. They left the man tied up and went to the other house. Where sinister took some kami and beat the other cop to the last inch of her life and leaving a message behind to let them know of their sins.


The Johnson was satisfied the run had been conducted without complication.


3 Karma

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John From IT : It could have gone a lot worse all things consider.

Turul: Not the cleanest run, but it worked out. The Bug Spirit bothers me though. Feel like I should have done something.

Sinister: Felt like that took way more time and effort than it should have. I genuinely don't fancy John's life expectancy. He forgot he had EARRS? Winked at the Johnson? Asked to be literally carried? Sucks that he has a family. Ok, enough of that. I suppose I should have let Turul pick a lock or two, he seemed keen. My hands are just a little too optimized for that specific task.