Trix & Treats

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Trix & Treats
LocationPuallup Barrens
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Lil' Boomer


The team is hired to dig up dirt on M0rd3K41's partner Zion, in the hopes of attaining sole control and majority ownership to their shop, Trix & Treats.


M0rd3K41 is fed up with his partner's bubby personality, and decides hiring shadow runners is the best chance of ousting her as an equal partner.

The Meet

The meet takes place at a matrix bar called "The Last Hope", where C41yps0, Canter, and R-33 attend in cyberspace, while Lil' Boomer shows up in meat space. They all meet the gruff and grumpy dwarf decker who identifies himself as M0rd3K41, and tells them of his desire to take out his partner. Which, at least for LB comes with the unsatisfactory restriction from outright killing her or damaging the shop in any way. He then suggests to the team that they dig up some dirt on the woman, and provides them with her address, but conveniently forgets to tell them her name. The team derezzes or walks out, as LB manages to make a scene by vomiting noisily on the table where their patron was sitting, after attempting to eat some peanuts...

The Plan

Suspecting that something fishy is in the works, the team decides to gather information on both of the owners, in hope of making sense of the entire situation and helping them come to terms that benefits them both.

The Run

C41yps0 and R-33 get to work immediately, searching for information regarding the shop owner's identities, and anything they can find on the shop itself. Canter searches through financial records, determining the shop makes about 10-15k nuyen per month after expenses. After discovering the identities of the two shop owners are most likely fakes, the decker/techno combo decides to see if they can pick up any information from the store's host that might lead to some insight to the run. Easily avoiding the Patrol IC, R-33 and C41yps0 find 3 files that are tied directly to M0rd3K41, involving some fun with vegetables and a shady past involving Renraku. The team decides they have got enough dirt on M0rd3K41 to make him squirm, but decide to check in on the other shop owner's apartment to try and see who they are dealing with.

After a brief attempt to sneak a rat-possessed spirit into the apartment and discovering a mana barrier, Canter decides to send in a microskimmer to scout out the apartment. Discovering that the principal is most likely behind the closed bedroom door, Canter takes it upon herself to do a light bit of B&E. Patting the doorman on the cheek, telling him what a good boy he is for holding the door, and giving him a packet of crackers, Canter slowly works her 91-year old body up the three flights of stairs to the apartments door. Summoning a spirit, she attempts to pick the lock and fails; getting slightly frustrated she commands the spirit to just open the lock itself, to which it hastily complies. After dismissing the spirit Canter steps inside, works her way to the bedroom and opens the door. Unfortunately, The Hellhound pupper sniffs the intruder, and starts a high-pitched growl, leaping to the ground from the bed to confront Canter. Realizing that her presence is about to be discovered further, Canter quickly casts an ice sheet beneath the pup, causing it to fall down and be distracted as she quickly slips into the closet to hide. Climbing out of bed the woman scoops up the puppy, admonishes it, and after a quick glance about the apartment goes back to sleep. Meanwhile, Canter manages to pick the lock on the filing cabinet hidden in the closet, and discovers the woman's diary. Curiously enough, the diary details an incident roughly 10 years prior where the woman and an unnamed dwarvish decker teamed up and escaped the employ of Renraku Securities Corporation. Realizing that this might be the key they are looking for, the team decides to confront the shop owners at their shop.


C41yps0 and Canter decide to enter through the matrix for the meet, while R-33 and LB casually work their magic from the meat world. After presenting M0rd3K41 with the evidence they have procured against him, as well as the supporting evidence showing why he should consider himself blessed to have a partner as skilled as he does, M0rd3K41 finally breaks down and reveals that the thing that bothers him the most about "Zion" is her bubbly and cheerful personality which never seems to waiver. About this time, LB kicks the door open on the shop, clad in his signature boar's head mask, and carrying a giant automatic grenade launcher strapped to his back. Unfortunately, no one managed to discover the actual presence of the towering Borg, a cybered up security Troll with plenty of armor and lots of guns... Shouting out "Get down!" the troll takes aim on LB and prepares to light him up. Fortunately, LB immediately drops to the floor, somewhat confused by the giant, angry, and obviously security conscious troll. Borg calmly suggests that LB depart the premises, to which LB quickly agrees. However, before stepping outside, he manages to catch a glimpse of Zion's aura and is thunderstruck by how amazingly good, and pure, and beautiful it is, full of sparkly happiness. Receiving a blow to his heart, LB stumbles away, unsure of what has just happened to him...

Meanwhile, M0rd3K41 is rapidly regretting his decision to hire shadow runners to do his dirty work, as C41yps0 continues to drive home the points that he does not want to hear. However, during this continued conversation, LB cannot contain himself, and after ripping off his mask and gun, runs back into the shop and approaches his new lady love, Zion. Seeing him for the truly amazing person that he is Zion is shocked to learn that her partner sought to have her removed from her position by these people, and breaks down in tears as LB tries to console her. Realizing that he really has it better than he deserves, M0rd3K41 finally agrees that the runners are right, and he is much better off with Zion than without her. After ensuring that Zion has his commlink code, LB quietly approaches M0rd3K41 and quite calmly informs him that the only reason he lives is because of the wishes of Zion. He then doffs his cap and heads out, obviously looking forward to his next interaction with the lovely Zion. Realizing that they probably aren't going to get paid for this one, the runners consider the rewards to be well worth the effort.


  • 9 Karma
  • 2 CDP
  • For Lil'Boomer: Zion 3/1 Contact for 6 CDP or 3 RVP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lil' Boomer (LB)

Some may think back to these dark times rife with corporate greed and say "how did people learn to get along despite all the darkness, the evil, the people eatingness, like, all that stuff? Who could lead them out of the darkness and back into the light?"

Then LB comes along. He helps mend fences between two estranged colleagues. He sweeps one them of her tinest, teeny tiny little feet how does she even walk on those? He teaches a 91-year old street racing granny how to love again. He makes freaks with a tail where legs go cry a single tear, realizing that--all along--we were all worthy of love.

Twenty years from now when the world is in perfect harmony and everyone gets along and--well, okay--I'll still be eating people but...the rest of it's good...know it's because of what I accomplished here.

You're welcome, humanity.


That... was an interesting run after a hiatus from the shadows. I'm surprised that more people don't see the benefit of mixing magic and technology, and are so stubborn about keeping them separate... Also, that Lil Boomer kid. I hope he goes to that therapist.


Oh boy, this was a time. A fresh-faced script kiddie, a 50-something diminutive, foul-mouthed ghoul, an old woman who had to be pushing 90 and who was a surprisingly good driver, and my scaly ass had to convince this M0rd3K41 guy not to completely blow up the good thing he has going by trying to go at it solo. It went... about as well as could be expected. I didn't feel right taking his money just to help him ruin his life, and that Zion woman seemed like a sweet person, so we end up talking him into reconciling with her and setting their differences aside. Truth be told I'm not even sure she knew we were criminals hired to destroy their shared enterprise - I mean, she caught Canter in her house, which is when I really thought the jig was up, but luckily Lil' Boomer distracted her attention rather effectively with his elf simping. For his part R-33 was good on the 'trix so I was content to play backup and let him do the heavy lifting with the hacking work. Nice simple gig at the end of the day, and good feels are almost as nice as actually being paid.


I know you see something new everyday, but an otherwise average decker, a gran(turismo)ny who B&E'd an apartment, a blind, 2-foot ghoul with a hard-on for hard entry and I drek you not a mermaid running to gather dirt on a business partner only for it just be a johnson being a dick (clues in the name I guess) was not what I expected this sunday. I loved every moment of it.